34th Milo Marathon Finals: My Happy Ending

Where do I begin to write about this? The 34th National Milo Marathon has been such an incredible journey for me this whole year. It’s the culmination of why I started this blog in the first place.

Tara, let’s do one big marathon by the end of the year,” my friend Joel told me at the start of the year. “One time, big time!” Continue reading “34th Milo Marathon Finals: My Happy Ending”

My Ultimate Break

I know I’ve advocated picking your races and I used to say I’d only race once a month. However, race organizers have been kind enough to provide me with race kits so I could join their races, and for the most part I’ve taken advantage of that.

Of course with that much racing comes burn-out, and after doing Unilab’s 32K I wanted to take things easy. I was supposed to race at Resorts World Grand Fiesta Run, but instead gave my kit away so I could get out of town — literally. Continue reading “My Ultimate Break”

“Empire” State of Mind: A Food Giveaway!

After a race, there’s no better reward than kicking back and devouring a favorite food. If you’ve been attending races at Bonifacio Global City for the past two weeks, you might have noticed Mercato Centrale, the weekend gourmet food market, happening right across Two Serendra. It’s where I found my favorite sweet treat: Empire macarons! (Yes, with one “O”.)

Empire Macarons
Empire state of mind

Continue reading ““Empire” State of Mind: A Food Giveaway!”

Unilab Run United 2: Going the Afroman Distance

Remember when the Lord of the Rings trilogy came out one at a time over the course of three years? They progressively got longer and longer, but just became better and better as well.

My experience with the RunRio Trilogy this year has been just like that. I started with a 10K at the Century Tuna Superbods Run, did a 21K at the Nature Valley Run, then clinched the trilogy with the 32K Afroman distance at Run United 2. And you know what? Just like LOTR, the last of the trilogy has ended up being my favorite. Continue reading “Unilab Run United 2: Going the Afroman Distance”