The Laguna Phuket Triathlon 6K Fun Run

Hello again from Phuket! In two days I fly back to Manila and then drive off for this weekend’s Bataan International Triathlon, but yesterday it was nice to revisit my first international race experience at the Laguna Phuket Triathlon. (Read my race report from two years ago.)

Because I’ve only just managed to get healthy again, when I was finalizing my trip plans I decided not to sign up for the whole triathlon. Instead, I joined the 6K fun run option, which was nice because I got to partake in the whole race day experience without totally killing myself. Also, I had a score to settle with that run course because last time, I had been unable to run it the way I wanted to.

On to the race experience!

Laguna Phuket 6K Fun Run


The Tri Temple: Your Integrated Multisport Hub

Last Sunday I was invited to the official launch of The Tri Temple. I’ve been following the developments leading to the opening of this new multisport shop because I’m acquainted with the five triathletes who set it up. (It’s a small tri community, of course. Everyone’s friends.) I knew it would have an endless pool. I knew it would have a cycling studio. I knew which brands would have a presence in the store. But of course I wanted to get all the details straight from them.

While there are now many excellent cycling and running shops in my usual haunts in Metro Manila and Laguna, the five founders wanted something more. They wanted an integrated multisport hub where you could not only shop, but also train and build yourself into a better triathlete.

The Tri Temple launch
The Tri Temple

Raoul Floresca welcomed me to the party and revealed one detail about The Tri Temple I hadn’t managed to suss out through my stalking research. (more…)

Triumph Launches Sports Bra Line

When I was in high school I used to wear my regular bras even during Physical Education. This was a job usually reserved for the rattiest, oldest of them because I couldn’t bear having my nice new ones get all sweaty. But this also meant I didn’t get great support as the bras would ride up whenever I raised my arms and would chafe when I bounced up and down.

I’m so happy that there are now sports bras for most women in most sizes. Now that lingerie companies like Triumph are getting in on the action once the sole domain of sportswear companies, we get more options for the kind of fit and support we want. Triumph has been making lingerie since 1886 and the company prides itself on how every stitch and curve of its undergarments fits a woman’s form.

Last Monday I attended Triumph’s launch of their sports bra line with brand ambassador Amy Ahomiro, UAAP volleyball MVP. Not only were we there to peep at the new line, but also to experience it personally by attending a BODYCOMBAT class at Fitness First Platinum Aura with fellow bloggers and fitness fanatics.

Triumph launches sports bra line with Amy Ahomiro
with former colleague Vanessa Agdon

I haven’t done BODYCOMBAT in a very long time but I know that it entails a lot of punching, kicking, jumping, bouncing, and lateral movement. A regular lingerie bra would definitely not hold up under that kind of stress. (more…)

What You Need to Know about Running for Weight Loss

I was never a sports-minded person and lived a sedentary lifestyle until I woke up one day twenty pounds overweight and pre-diabetic. I realized I would have to start exercising if I wanted to become healthy again and lose the extra weight. Like so many others, I took to exercise and eventually to running to achieve this goal.

All my “fat” photos are from before social media became prevalent, so I’ve never posted any of them — or if I did, I would expertly crop or edit them. And because my weight loss happened very gradually (as it really should), I only realized how far I’d gotten when I put these two photos side-by-side, even if the “Before” pic isn’t a full-body one.

Noelle Before and After

Whether you’re trying to lose weight for health reasons or just want to improve how well you fit in your clothes, exercise helps. According to statistics from the Weight Loss Control Registry, one needs to burn about 2,800 calories a week through exercise to be successful at losing weight. Those who were most successful at keeping the weight off for at least a year exercised regularly.

Running is one of the top calorie burning exercises; the Mayo Clinic estimates a person weighing 73 kilograms can burn upwards from 606 calories per hour depending on run speed. Given the ease at which you can just go out and run, the way most people end up loving the feeling of running, and the many other health benefits you can derive from it, running is a great way to trim down and shape up.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re running for weight loss. (more…)

Kikay Reviews: Healthy Monsters Salads

Pizza and potato chips. People who hang around me long enough soon learn I am not the healthiest eater. Pizza and potato chips. These are my greatest food joys. Pizza and potato chips. I’ve gained weight because of them!

And so, a few weeks ago after I laid eyes on some not-so-flattering race pics, I decided to get on the right track and start saying no to pizza and potato chips. But that’s only half of the puzzle of starting to eat healthy. I would also have to make better, more conscious food choices away from fast food, processed food, and empty calories. Have you ever come from a long training session and binged on McDonald’s afterwards because you were starving and it was the only quick option?

These three jars of Healthy Monsters salads came at just the right time.

Healthy Monsters

Made from locally-sourced organic ingredients and delivered in recyclable jars, Healthy Monsters is for people on the go who want something healthy but are too busy and have no time to prep. (more…)