Kikay Reviews: adidas UltraBOOST X ATR

Anyone who’s been inside my shoe closet will know that I have many running shoes on rotation. I like to use one pair for treadmills, another for track, another for speed runs on the road, and another for long runs. And there’s always room for one more pair…

“But Noelle, you only have one pair of feet,” you might say. Well, when you get to test shoes from all the different manufacturers and discover many things to love about each pair, you’ll understand why my closet doors are always open.

adidas recently launched their UltraBOOST All Terrain shoes and sent me the women’s version, the UltraBOOST X ATR.

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Color Manila Paradise Run on 7 January 2018

I’ve joined very few races this year, so each of them stands out quite strongly in my memory — especially the colorful and happy ones run by Color Manila! So I’m already thinking of how to start my 2018 off with a bang, and the Color Manila Paradise Run on January 7, 2018 at the Mall of Asia Grounds sounds like a good one to go with. Continue reading “Color Manila Paradise Run on 7 January 2018”

December Running Challenge, Week 1

December is usually a time for Christmas cheer, but it’s also when most runners let go of their running plans (and their waistlines). I don’t want to start the New Year desperately vowing to lose weight I gained over the holiday season, so I’m going to do my best to keep it off! So here’s my strategy in the Battle of the Holiday Bulge…

I really need to run more.

There, I said it. The reason I’m gaining weight, the reason I’ve slowed down, the reason I don’t have happy endorphins flowing through my veins is because I haven’t been running as much as I should.

Sure, I’ve been sick, been traveling, and a myriad other excuses. But let’s put all those aside. I really do need to exercise more and the best way to get me to do that is to put a pair of running shoes on my feet and kick my ass out the door to run. Continue reading “December Running Challenge, Week 1”

Angkor Wat International Half Marathon

Now that I’ve finished recovering from the race, edited my vlog, and uploaded my photos, I can finally come here to write this one sentence:

The Angkor Wat International Half Marathon is an epic destination race you should do.

Destination races, for me, serve two purposes. The first purpose is as an obvious excuse to go travel. The second purpose is to discover a place on foot. I’m so happy I was able to bookend my year with two half marathons, and end the year with one as special as the Angkor Wat International Half Marathon. Here’s my travel vlog about the race and the trip. Continue reading “Angkor Wat International Half Marathon”

Road to Angkor Wat: Race Week

Well, I can’t believe it. Race week for the Angkor Wat International Half Marathon is here!

I fly out tonight on Cebu Pacific, which has the sole direct Manila-Siem Reap flights. This cuts the journey down to three hours in the air, although there are only four Cebu Pacific flights a week. Other flight itineraries include stopovers in Ho Chi Minh or Kuala Lumpur. The other option is to fly to Bangkok then take a six-hour bus trip (which is how backpackers get around in Asia anyway — but I digress).

As part of Team Manulife, my schedule is pretty full from breakfast on for the next three days. Continue reading “Road to Angkor Wat: Race Week”