“Empire” State of Mind: A Food Giveaway!

After a race, there’s no better reward than kicking back and devouring a favorite food. If you’ve been attending races at Bonifacio Global City for the past two weeks, you might have noticed Mercato Centrale, the weekend gourmet food market, happening right across Two Serendra. It’s where I found my favorite sweet treat: Empire macarons! (Yes, with one “O”.)

Empire Macarons
Empire state of mind

These are made lovingly by hand by my high school batchmate Georgia Rocha-Chu from scratch. After testing and tweaking several different recipes for macarons, she finally hit upon the perfect combination of crisp outer shell that transitions into soft chewiness, with fillings made from real chocolate, butter, and/or creme. No artificial or added flavoring here! Check out the Empire Macaron website for more details and luscious photos. 😛

Empire Macarons
Mmm, macarons!

Now, for the “giveaway” part of this post’s title, I’m offering a chance for you to take home a dozen Empire macarons! What do you need to do?

  1. Answer the question: What will you do with a dozen Empire macarons? Be as creative as you can be!
  2. Your answer should be no more than 50 to 75 words long.
  3. Post your comment below. The form will not allow you to post a comment without leaving a valid email address in the email field. Entries with no name and email address are disqualified.
  4. Contest period is from December 4 (today!) to December 10 (Friday). One winner will be chosen based on the best and most creative answer.
  5. The winner will be emailed a claim form which they can use to redeem a dozen Empire macarons from the Empire booth at Mercato Centrale.

So, what would you do with a dozen Empire macarons?


At Mercato Centrale after Unilab 2 (photo by Az Coladilla)

UPDATE: The winners have been chosen!

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46 thoughts on ““Empire” State of Mind: A Food Giveaway!

  1. I will share it with my 11 kumares and will gather them to check out Mercato Centrale for some little get together and food trip. Dun namin tutuloy ang chikahan and have some more macaroons and grab some coffee perhaps.

  2. Assemble members of my family on New Year then use the macaroons to apologize for the twelve biggest personal mistakes of the past year then have the ‘victim’ eat one after each confession – baliktad ng swallowing my pride

  3. me and my inlaws with our kids will have a “macarons get together” bonding time is happy time

  4. 12 macarons = 12 days before Christmas! That means I get to eat 1 macaron per day! (at the start of my day, and write on my journal how it tasted) and on Christmas eve have 12 boxes ready to give share with all my family and friends!

  5. The macarons shall serve as an embodiment of building sweet and different-flavored relationships. =)

    I will give 11 of the macarons to
    11 interesting people I hardly know (tough on the outside)
    want to get to know more by 2011 (chewy on the inside).

    The last macaron, I shall save for myself as a symbol of realigning the crusty parts of me that needs to be made chewy.

  6. I’l hold them and will have a picture with different pose like the ANTM style in a color-matched outfit…

  7. 12 macarons would mean 12 times the opportunity to share some love and make someone smile. I would gladly offer it to 12 of our less fortunate children that I see roaming around the streets of metro. A macaron may not be able to change their lives dramatically but knowing that someone cares for them would definitely make a huge difference =)

  8. a dozen macaroons would mean enjoying and savoring a well endorsed pastry which i for sure will enjoy coz of my fondness for sweets… but that would equally be enjoyable sharing it with loved ones’ over a cup of brewed coffee or among my daughters’ while listening to their stories about day to day activities… enough for me to burst in laughter or even tears and unconsciously drawn into it’s sweetness that too late to find out that i have EATEN and finished it all…lol lol

  9. I’ll have 4 as my breakfast for my first 21k (Milo Marathon), remaining 8 will be my snack (and my friends snack) after the Milo Marathon run 🙂

  10. I will use Empire Macaroons to make my own interpretation of the Empire State Building. I have found a new hobby lately, pebble sculpture, and those macaroons look like the shiny pebbles I use for my sculpture. After building it and taking a picture, me and my daughter will be macaroon monsters, eager and ready to devour our Empire Building-inspired macaroon sculpture.

  11. Take lots of pictures first, then cut it so that me, my mom and sis can taste all the flavors.

  12. I will take 12 photos of that 12 Macarons in different angles. on macro mode especially. it looks yummy! :9

  13. I love yummy treats!… will share these with my kids and their cousins who love yummy treats too! This would make them happy and would gladly share a dozen happy smiles (andeven more smiles) with you! 🙂

  14. I love yummy treats!… will share these with my kids and their cousins who love yummy treats too! This would make them happy and would gladly share a dozen happy smiles (and even more smiles) with you! 🙂

  15. What will you do with a dozen Empire macarons?

    leave one for myself and give the other 11 to those kids who makes carolling at night 🙂

  16. What will I do with a dozen Empire macaroons?

    I will try to eat all 12 macaroons in 12 seconds. haha. 🙂

  17. What will I do with a dozen Empire macaroons?

    I’m in love with yummy treats. I will share it with the 12th person that i will encounter across the street after i got the empire macaroons. 🙂

  18. What will you do with a dozen Empire macarons?

    I will save them for the remaining twelve days before Christmas, eating one at a day, complementing each goodie with a picture and daily entry to my blogspot, entitled Macarons of My Life, depicting the twelve important people I met in 2010.;)

    I just hope they stay out fresh though.

  19. Dressed in my office attire, I pretend I’m on my way home with only 5 pesos in hand. I’ll ask 2 pesos from street kids/beggars so I can finally go home. Homeless people are my target because I’m curious if people would be willing to help someone who is much better-off than they are.

    If they help, I’ll give him/her 1 macaron. Let’s see if I can find 12 good Samaritans out there.

  20. i will be sharing it to my family as we held our yearly reunions, my nephews will surely love this

  21. well I will align those 12 macaroons into 3 hearts shape and design a nice do it myself carton leaving a note indicating 12 reasons why I love my mother.(Notes still needs polishing if i received the macaroons ) I will silently place this carton under our christmas tree and surprised her with this delish goodies.. She will love this for sure and will forget all the bad things that i done to her… hehehe

  22. with a dozen yummy empire macarons….wll,my hubby love sweets and i love it too….my hubby is here in phils coz he is american..since he is here i will feed him like a king of this dozen empire macaron and i am willing to became his slave just show how much i love him and let him know that the empire macarons is yummy than his favorite food in america! hehe

  23. I will stack them to form a macaron [mini] tower, ask somebody to tie my hands together behind my back & take a video as I soulfully sing “The 12 Days of Christmas” and eat one macaron per day mentioned in the song using only my mouth [+ a lot of ducking action]. I think it’s all right to go crazy with Empire Macarons. =P

  24. If I have 12 macarons, I’d eat one every hour as a Christmas treat to myself. And then buy another 12 and host a mini-party with my closest friends ala Gossip Girl 😉

  25. Perfect! Me and my friends really love foodtrips so we’re planning to go to Mercato Centrale one of this days. If I win this Empire Macaron I will share it to my 11 friends, but we make sure to do our motto first. “PICTURE BEFORE EAT” we love to take pictures of everything we ate and blog them, so our 13th , 14th , nth friends will know how was it and invite them to buy the empire macaron. Im so excite to try it and share it to everyone! :))

  26. I would customize my macarons to be fahionalistic by food coloring and painting the crust with Filipino symbols such as the Philippine flag, a yellow ribbon, three stars and a sun, and Pinoy words. I would wrap each macaron in transparent plastic and hang them as delectable Christmas tree decors. Come Christmas day, I would give each family member a macaron, while telling them how we can make our relationship sweeter, just like that macaron.

  27. With my sweet tooth + my 5 year old daughter’s sweet tooth as well, we’ll most likely find a secure corner and chomp all the 12 macarons. Just the two of us. Sorry daddy. =s It could take a little longer though with my daughter probably playing with these cute colorful macarons and sharing a short story about each color before tossing it to our mouth.

  28. one macaron for me and i will give the remaining macarons to the 11 important persons in my life. it’s my way of thanking them for being a part of my life and for the love and support they gave..

  29. I will make a Empire macarons mini Christmas tree! ^_^ The colors are nice and would complement the Christmas season.

    I will definitely blog about this and show a picture! So how will I arrange it?
    10 for the tree and
    2 for the trunk. ^_^

    0 0
    0 0 0
    0 0 0 0

    Now wouldn’t that be nice to see? ^_^

  30. oh, they don’t allow the spaces, >_<
    anyway here's what I wan't the tree to look like. ^_^

    ..0 0..
    .0 0 0.
    0 0 0 0

  31. First, I would take pictures of the macarons.

    Then, one, I would eat upon claiming.

    one, I would give to my friend who would go with me.

    3, would be reserved for my mom as a Thank You gift.

    one, for dad so he could also taste it.

    one, (with candle) for a friend on her birthday.

    2, reserved for me to last for two days.

    3, to share with my friends at the office.

  32. What will you do with a dozen Empire macarons?

    No time to waste,I will definitely eat my heart out! (ASAP)! 🙂

  33. Im gonna make those 12 macarons into a mouth watery layered cake! With the help of icing i’ll decorate it creatively. Ow so yummy! I’ll take a picture on it to remind my new creation ”macaron cake a la empire”!

  34. I will give my husband 6pcs & the other 6 is mine then I will challenge him who eats faster..whoever loses would have to buy another dozen as consequence (I’m sure I will win)

  35. I will make a heart shape from one dozen Empire macarons and give it to 12 people close to my heart while watching our favorite movie!

  36. I’ve been wanting to have my nude pic taken.. So I would bring the dozen macarons with me during the pictorial. These nice yummy colored macarons would then cover my private parts.. and hmm.. yeah, so I am sure no one would want to share the macarons after the pictorial, I can have them all by myself! Yum!

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