Empire Macarons Winners!

I’m sure you’re all wondering: who won a dozen Empire Macarons? After a week’s wait for all the entries to come in, I asked Georgia to pick her winner. So, who did she choose?

Since there were so many entries, she couldn’t pick one favorite. So there are TWO WINNERS of a dozen macarons each!

The winners are:

  • Helen Mary: “The macarons shall serve as an embodiment of building sweet and different-flavored relationships. =) I will give 11 of the macarons to 11 interesting people I hardly know (tough on the outside) and want to get to know more by 2011 (chewy on the inside). The last macaron, I shall save for myself as a symbol of realigning the crusty parts of me that needs to be made chewy.”
  • ABD: “Perfect! Me and my friends really love foodtrips so we’re planning to go to Mercato Centrale one of this days. If I win this Empire Macaron I will share it to my 11 friends, but we make sure to do our motto first. “PICTURE BEFORE EAT” we love to take pictures of everything we ate and blog them, so our 13th , 14th , nth friends will know how was it and invite them to buy the empire macaron. Im so excite to try it and share it to everyone! :))”

Winners will be emailed their claim stubs, which they should print out. They can claim their prizes at the Empire Macaron booth at Mercato Centrale all weekends of December from 6am to 12nn.

Thanks for playing, everyone!

UPDATE: For those who raised a concern that one of these entries did not stay within the 50-75 word limit, I set that guideline so that people would not write overly long or short entries. I never said entries that went over the limit would be disqualified. Your opinions have been noted. I have closed the comments on this post.

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9 thoughts on “Empire Macarons Winners!

  1. Hi guys. Thanks for the heads up. Although I set the rules, it wasn’t my decision which entries would win, and the prizes have already been awarded. Will note this for future contests instead.

  2. the number of words is secondary to the thought behind it. guidelines lang naman ang word count para hindi super short ang sagot. it’s a bigger injustice to disqualify a great answer just because of the word count.

  3. Right, I agree that number of words is secondary. But note that other entries could have been more meaningful if they could have added more words to their entries.. They missed such chance of writing the most creative entry because of the rule that has been set, and simply because they followed the rule/s.

    Lesson learned for everyone. But still, congratulations to the winners!

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