No-Pressure Fun at Color Manila Glitter Run

Last Sunday I crossed the finish line looking like a cross between a Na’vi from “Avatar” and a Smurf, cracking open a full-toothed smile for the first time over the 10 kilometers. No, this wasn’t a Halloween costume run, but the second edition of the Color Manila Glitter Run. I’d avoided smiling because at the last Color Manila Run I’d attended, I’d grinned all the way through and ended up looking like Pennywise with stained teeth. This time around I was going for the unicorn-vomit look.

I’d signed up at the last-minute thanks to the wonderful organizers who I know always put on a top-notch event. I was looking for a way to test myself in a race situation over a defined distance while also taking pressure off myself, and the Color Manila Glitter Run was perfect: an untimed fun run with a start and finish line so I wouldn’t be tempted to cut the route partway. Continue reading “No-Pressure Fun at Color Manila Glitter Run”

My Comeback Race at the UPLB Trantados Fun Tri

Eight years ago around this time of year, I did my first triathlon. It was a pool-based minisprint where the main reason I took the overall win was because the lead female took the wrong turn. That race and the high from crossing the finish line was what made me fall in love with this sport, and it was what I built on in the ensuing years.

Life has a way of being poetic and coming full circle for me, because I found myself making my comeback to triathlon at yet another pool-based race with a similar short distance. The UPLB Trantados Costume/Fun Triathlon has been a stalwart on the local calendar for years, so it’s quite shameful that this was the first time I was racing it. Based on last weekend’s experience, it won’t be the last time. :) Continue reading “My Comeback Race at the UPLB Trantados Fun Tri”

Star Wars Run SG 2017

Singapore is one of my favorite cities to visit, and I’m a fan of Star Wars, so it didn’t take much nudging to sign up for the Star Wars Run SG. It really helped that they announced some great swag in their race kit and sold light sabers at a discounted price.

The actual race would happen on the evening of May 6 or what Star Wars fans call “Revenge of the Sixth Day”, with a festival commencing from Star Wars Day on May 4 (“May the Fourth Be With You”) at Gardens by the Bay. Continue reading “Star Wars Run SG 2017”

HCMC Run: The City Marathon

Racing for the first time in a while is always difficult, but the rough spots get smoothed over when you’re in the care of a great race organizer. The Ho Chi Minh City Run was a long way from home to go run a half-marathon, but I am so glad I was there to witness the burgeoning sports and fitness scene in Vietnam, which can only continue to grow.

In 1992, Ho Chi Minh City had its first ever full marathon, hosting just a little under 100 local runners out of the 250 total participants. Twenty-five years later, the HCMC Run organized by Pulse Active brought the full distance back, to the delight of 7,218 runners across the 5K, 10K, 21K, and 42K distances. Continue reading “HCMC Run: The City Marathon”

Challenge Vietnam Race Report

Challenge Vietnam has come and gone, and so much happened that I find hard to express in words glowing enough. So let me say it straight.

CHALLENGE VIETNAM IS A MUST-DO RACE. Whether you’re an individual or relay participant, pro or age grouper, or a supporter along for the ride, Nha Trang is a terrific venue and the organizers Pulse Active put on a great race last Sunday.

I managed to Snapchat my way through race weekend, so I’ve got the videos below to help me tell the story.

Continue reading “Challenge Vietnam Race Report”

Sofitel Manila Half Marathon

When fitness coach extraordinaire Toni Saret offered me a race slot to the Sofitel Manila Half Marathon, I was in Germany taking stock of my health and crossing races off my calendar. I asked her if she had any 5K bibs instead. And so that’s how I found myself at the CCP Open Grounds last August 21 lining up to run despite being jetlagged and not having slept yet.

Sofitel Run
happy finishers

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Laguna Phuket International Marathon

For my first destination marathon, the Laguna Phuket International Marathon was supposed to be a cushy experience. Having been to Phuket and the Laguna area at least three times a year for the last three years, I had a very good idea what to expect and could prepare well for it. It would be like racing at a home away from home.

Laguna Phuket Marathon

But as I’ve learned from every marathon I’ve done, nothing is certain until the last kilometer is run. I guess that’s what makes for good stories, right?
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