Adidas Runners Launched in Manila

Adidas Runners is a global running movement that aims to energize, support, and unite runners around the world. Rolled out in key cities, Adidas Runners has a “run hard, play hard” mentality with personalized milestone plans, expert coaching, and unique rewards. Members can feel at home in any city they visit by connecting with the Adidas Runners squads around the world.

While last year Adidas launched partnerships with various running groups throughout the metro, the launch of Adidas Runners in Manila two weeks ago has brought formal re-entry into our local running community space with branded running sessions and their own coaching approach. Continue reading “Adidas Runners Launched in Manila”

Return to Endurance, Week 3

Usually when you start a new workout routine, it takes two weeks for you to feel a difference, but longer than that for any change in appearance to manifest. So it was really a surprise when someone from the gym told me I already looked slimmer than when she last saw me a month ago.

(The scale tells me I am still hovering around the same weight regardless. *shakes fist at scale*) At this point I feel as if I’ve knocked the rust off and am regaining some of my old fitness.Β  Continue reading “Return to Endurance, Week 3”

Nutrilite Health Run 2017 in Manila and Davao

I began racing at a time when P500 was considered expensive for a 10K, but those who started before me can remember when P250 was already considered high-end with giveaway finisher shirts. Races priced like that are hard to come by these days, which is what makes the Nutrilite Health Run stand out.

With race dates in Manila (October 15 at SM Mall of Asia) and Davao (October 29 at SM Ecoland Davao), the Nutrilite Health Run is on its fifth year of providing a venue of runners for all abilities to celebrate fitness and physical achievement without breaking the bank. Distances 1K, 5K, and 10K are priced at P250 while the 21K is priced at P850.

Here’s what you get when you register: a race shirt, race bib, and loot bag. If you’re registered for the 21K, you’ll also get a timing chip for use during the race, and a finisher’s shirt and medal after you cross the finish line. Continue reading “Nutrilite Health Run 2017 in Manila and Davao”

Fitness First Launches Spartan SGX Group Workout

The thing about having a mature running and sports community in the Philippines is you start seeing more technical events on the calendar. With Spartan Race Sprint happening on September 16, 2017 at Timberland Heights, it’s no longer enough to have the endurance to keep running. Other skills come into play to tackle the obstacles which can involve rope climbs, lugging heavy weights, and mud crawls!

(For a better idea of how a Spartan Race Sprint goes, watch this video.)

That’s where “Spartan SGX” comes in, exclusively available in the Philippines at Fitness First. Using their existing Freestyle training area and Elite Fitness First Spartan SGX-trained coaches, this 45-minute group class mimics the type of movements participants will need to do on race day. As Spartan Race’s official fitness partner, Fitness First offers Spartan SGX not just to Fitness First members but also Spartan Race registered participants.

I got to experience Spartan SGX last week at the launch. Continue reading “Fitness First Launches Spartan SGX Group Workout”

Sun Life Aquathlon on September 17

For many aspiring triathletes, aquathlons are a first step into the realm of multisport. For experienced triathletes, aquathlons are a great way to get the multisport fix and race close to home (because there’s no bike leg to close roads for, haha).

The Sun Life Aquathlon on September 17, 2017 to be held at the Makati Aquatic Sports Arena and the University of Makati track oval features an “Aqua Lite” category for newbies consisting of a 200-meter swim and 3-kilometer run, and the “Aqua Full” category for more experienced athletes with its 400-meter swim and 5-kilometer run.

For athletes who prefer to race in a tag team, a relay category is available so you can either do the swim or the run.

Bike King Philippines has a long and accomplished resume of races conducted, so you can rest assured that all you’ll need to do on the day is show up with your things, be able to swim and run your respective distances, and follow the arrows and directions.

Registration is still open at the Bike King Philippines website until slots last. Individual race fee is at P3,150 and relay race fee is at P4,725.

Return to Endurance, Week 2

It was an inspired week of swimming, cycling, and running for me, just in time to see the awesome Southeast Asian Games results from the marathon and triathlon.

Mary Joy Tabal won the women’s marathon and the Philippines’ first gold medal at the Games, leading by over seven minutes by the finish. She topped her 2015 silver medal finish and marathon time, going under the 3-hour mark at 2:48. I recall the drama a few months back when she was dropped from the SEAG roster because PATAFA disapproved of her training overseas with her own coach rather than in Manila or Baguio with a national team coach. (Cue my rolling eyes.) Happily they came to a compromise, and hopefully now PATAFA realizes there was wisdom in Mary Joy’s investment in herself and supports that.

I was busy writing this post when the results from the SEAG triathlon races came in, with Nikko Huelgas and John Chicano for the men and Kim Mangrobang and Claire Adorna for the women taking gold and silver respectively. Knowing how these athletes have been in development at training camps in Portugal, Australia, and Thailand for the past two years it was great to see that investment paying off in medals. It will be interesting to see when the other nations catch on and start funding their own athletes’ training…

Obviously I’m not one to be in contention for SEA Games; I wear the “age grouper” and “recreational athlete” label proudly! But it’s nice to see my country excelling regionally in the sports I love. Meanwhile, I put in the work for my own development. Continue reading “Return to Endurance, Week 2”

“Kaya ng Pinay” – About the First Filipina Norseman Finisher

I wrote a little last year about Omar Paredes, the first Filipino to have won a slot in the Norseman Triathlon lottery who then went on to finish and grab a Black Shirt (given only to the first 160 finishers). This year, Laarni Paredes became the first Filipina Norseman finisher! Laarni and Omar are one of the Philippines’ preeminent tri-couples and this makes them the first Filipino couple to finish Norseman. (Does anyone want to use the hashtag #couplegoals?) The two are co-captains of the Herbalife Triathlon Team and were supported by Herbalife during both their Norseman campaigns.

Laarni Paredes, first Filipina Norseman finisher
during the grueling marathon after a rainy, chilly swim and a mountainous bike ride

The Norseman is the world’s most famous extreme full-distance triathlon. If you think the full distance of 3.8 kilometers swimming, 180 kilometers biking, and 42 kilometers running is hardcore, an extreme triathlon takes this to a whole new level. The Norseman swim is done in a fjord where temperatures rarely rise above 13 degrees Celsius — you jump off a barge and swim to shore. The bike ride includes five mountain passes with a total elevation gain of a little more than 3,000 meters. The marathon, depending on whether you finish on top of the mountain with a Black Shirt, or around the mountain with a White shirt, has an elevation gain of 750-1500 meters including the infamous Zombie Hill, so steep few can run up it. From thousands of applicants, only 250 people receive slots during the annual Norseman lottery. Continue reading ““Kaya ng Pinay” – About the First Filipina Norseman Finisher”