adidas BoostManila

After a few years of hibernation, adidas has re-entered the local running community scene by bringing together some of Metro Manila’s running communities. Their BoostManila event at Terra 28th Bonifacio Global City drew around a hundred people: bloggers such as myself from the old adiNation of Runners days as well as new runners on the scene in what adidas called “the first and biggest running community meet in the country.”

Adidas BoostManila

The running groups represented were: Run365ph from Quezon City, the Ayala Triads from Makati, Philippine Titans from Pasig, Urban Runners from BGC/Taguig, and the Snail Runners from Alabang.

On hand were a few members of Run365 to talk about their experience running in adidas Ultra BOOST shoes for the past few months. Anthony and Maricel Pangilinan were present along with their children. Anthony spoke about running both the New York and Tokyo Marathons in the same pair of Ultra BOOSTs. Maricel also gave an anecdote about running the Tokyo Marathon in the Pure BOOST X without having previously run long in those shoes at all. “For the first time after a marathon I had no blisters or dead toenails,” she said.

After the opening remarks and testimonials, the runners were let loose in waves to run three loops around Bonifacio High Street. The fastest in each wave received adidas gift certificates. All BoostManila participants were also given a discount valid for 24 hours at the new adidas store at Uptown BGC, where they would have taken home their shopping in paper bags due to adidas’ move to eliminate plastic shopping bags from their stores as part of their commitment to sustainable practices.

Aside from supporting the above running groups, adidas has also partnered with Team Pangilinan, Team Gotta, and national athlete Claire Adorna.

It’s great to see adidas supporting the growth of running in the Philippines once again. For the latest updates, follow @adidasph and the hashtag #BoostManila on Twitter and Instagram.

NatGeo Earth Day Run 2016

I think the only thing running through my head at the NatGeo Earth Day Run the other Sunday was: it’s too darned hot!

NatGeo Earth Day Run 2016
Can you see my thought bubble?

I have gotten way too used to 6:30am triathlon and 5K fun run gunstarts, so the 3am gunstart for the 21K at the NatGeo Earth Day Run completely threw me off. Pre-race adrenaline kept me up until 12:30am, and then I had to get up by 1am to make my preparations and travel to Bonifacio Global City for the 2am assembly time. Continue reading “NatGeo Earth Day Run 2016”

Dispatch #16: The Weight of the World

Hi guys! It was rather stressful last week so apologies if I haven’t gotten around to writing about some stuff (NatGeo Run, boostManila, and the list goes on…). I have been trying to keep up my training volume in the midst of the heat wave and also trying to recover from the NatGeo Run, which was quite a shock to my body.

The early gunstart really messed up my body clock and I’ve been waking up around 10am rather than my usual 7am (without alarm clock). As a result, I’ve had to shuffle my work and training schedule, and the blogging fell by the wayside. I’ll try to catch up this week without being spammy.

Dispatch 16

Because of my late starts it’s also been difficult to get up early enough to train outdoors without frying in the process.
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Kikay Reviews: Funkita Swimwear

So many great swimwear brands are starting to enter the Philippines, expanding our options. Just last week, I found out that Funkita Swimwear and Funky Trunks now have a presence in the country.

Funkita Swimwear

I first heard about Funkita (and its men’s suits counterpart Funky Trunks) from my Aussie friends back in 2013. The Way Funky Company is an Australian company that produces swimwear for men, women, and children and activewear for women. Funky Trunks and Funkita swimwear are well-known for flair, vibrancy, and originality.

In other words, you won’t find any subdued colors and patterns here. Continue reading “Kikay Reviews: Funkita Swimwear”

Dispatch #15: Heat Wave

When I returned home last week, I thought Phuket was hotter than Manila.

I was wrong.

Dispatch 14
It feels like swimming in hot soup.

Metro Manila’s temperature has been steadily rising the past week and I have been doing my best not to be exercising too long in the heat and humidity. Sure I need to be doing some heat training for the Phuket Marathon, but not at the risk of heatstroke! Continue reading “Dispatch #15: Heat Wave”

Ask Kikay Runner: Adjusting From Road Bike to Tri Bike

This Ask Kikay Runner post is about making the move from road bike to tri bike, something that many triathletes end up doing as they get deeper into the sport (and start digging deeper into their pockets as well, hehe).

Sonnam Nguyen asks: How do you get used to going from road bike to TT [time trial or tri bike]… any tips?

Ceepo Mamba vs. Katana
Ceepo Mamba (road bike) vs. Ceepo Katana (tri bike)

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This Weekend: Milo Nutri Up FitCon, UA Test of Will

There are 52 weekends in a year, but there are certain weekends when events converge… like this coming one. Aside from the NatGeo Earth Day Run on Sunday, fitness enthusiasts can also check out the Milo Nutri-Up FitCon at Globe Circuit Grounds on Saturday, and the Under Armour Test of Will at Bonifacio High Street on Saturday and Sunday.

Milo Nutri-Up FitCon, Under Armour Test of Will

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