A Week in the Life #10

The Fear of Missing Out is real, especially for someone like me who used to be competitive and thrived on excelling. Week after week I am given access to the launches of running events and I allow myself to get caught up in the hype and excitement. Goodness knows I got very excited at the news that Cebu City would host the Milo Marathon finals this eyar.

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Kikay Reviews: Softex Hello Kitty Feminine Care

People born with ovaries and uteruses know that once a month the world changes for us and we have to deal with an extra challenge. Menstruation will always be a drag despite every attempt to make it more comfortable and hassle-free, and so we deal with it by being extra-nice to ourselves with comfort food, lying in bed, and whatever other treats we may think of.

If you’re a giant Hello Kitty fan, one more way to treat yourself during this time of month is to pick up a pack of Softex Hello Kitty feminine care products.

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A Week in the Life #9: Taiwan Break

I spent the majority of last week touring around Taiwan with my mom as our little birthday treat for each other. It’s such a scenic country, super easy to get around, and affordable for a middle-class Filipino wallet. I always come home with a little envy and a fervent wish that one day the Philippines will have the conveniences that are taken for granted in those places.

the obligatory passport + boarding pass photo

the iconic Taipei 101

I mentioned I wasn’t 100% before leaving the country, so I already knew I wouldn’t be attempting to run every morning — especially since we’d be tiring ourselves out every day anyway. We got a lot of walking done and my Fitbit recorded the sustained walks as “active minutes”. Continue reading “A Week in the Life #9: Taiwan Break”