Nike Training Club

My weeks running with Nike Run Club and the NRC app set me up for a great holiday season of fitness as I start to ramp up training for my Ho Chi Minh 21K run. What I haven’t talked about as much are the sessions I have been doing with the sister app, Nike Training Club.

Nike Training Club is all about full-body functional fitness, and it’s great crosstraining for endurance athletes like me who tend to train only the forward motion using mostly legs.

While I have been using the NTC app since the start of the year, NTC live sessions with an actual coach are something different. Last Friday, I joined a Nike Training Club live session at Kerry Sports in Shangri-La The Fort.

Nike Training Club

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Potatoes for Athletic Nutrition

As a blogger I get invited to all sorts of events, usually those announcing races. Sometimes though, you go to an event where you learn something new. I found out all about the humble potato and its potential for athletic nutrition at the Potatoes USA Workshop held last week at Epicurious in Shangri-La Mall East Wing.

Potatoes USA Dinner
Chef Sau del Rosario prepares tasty and nutritious potato dishes

With recipes from meal delivery service Diet Diva prepared by classically-trained Chef Sau del Rosario, we were in for a night ending in full and happy tummies.

I make sure I get my calories and nutrients primarily from whole, unprocessed foods. And I do eat anything offered to me (except if I’m allergic to it) in amounts appropriate to how much I have trained or will train that day or the next. So I was intrigued by their proposition that potatoes are an appropriate fuel source for athletes. Continue reading “Potatoes for Athletic Nutrition”

Holiday Fitness, Week 7: A Little Break

Last week was really all about making a weekend beach trip happen. I’ve been traveling all over lately, and while I love having seen so many places, I have missed having some down time where I don’t have to be anywhere or do anything.

When my friend Hilary Isaac of ToughGirl invited me to join her on a trip to Boracay, I gladly pounced on the opportunity. We flew using SkyJet vouchers she’d received as part of a hosting job, and I locked down a hotel located on Station One, the quiet part of White Beach. It was three days of sun, sand, and no agendas whatsoever.Β  Continue reading “Holiday Fitness, Week 7: A Little Break”

Adidas Fit Fest

What do you get when you bring together a brand with a strong sports and fitness legacy, and women who love fitness in all its varied aspects? You get Adidas Fit Fest, a whole-day extravaganza held last Sunday at the Globe Live Amphitheater in Bonifacio High Street.

Adidas Fit Fest

While Adidas holds monthly FitSquad pocket workouts, I believe this is the first time they’ve held a fitness event this massive. With fun activities scheduled from sun-up to sundown, it was a great day out for female Adidas fans and brand ambassadors alike.

I loved that the first two activities were a run with Adidas Boost Manila and Rocket Yoga with LIFE Yoga, so I signed up for those two to start my Sunday right. Continue reading “Adidas Fit Fest”

Holiday Fitness, Week 6: Looking Forward

Now that I’m sure my health and fitness has a firm foundation, it’s time to look at how I intend to train for my first race of next year in Ho Chi Minh City. I managed to run outdoors for more than an hour last week and wasn’t smashed by the end of it, which bodes well for putting on the mileage and time on my feet.

I don’t get to run in the early mornings lately due to the babysitting schedule we’ve worked out in our household — I watch my toddler nephew when his parents go off to work until my parents get back from their morning gym session. This means I only get to do my workouts around midday or after. I’m thankful I have treadmill access at the gym and use a bike trainer to complete most of my cycling sessions, but there’s something awesome about running or cycling outdoors at the break of dawn. The pictures are better, too *wink* Continue reading “Holiday Fitness, Week 6: Looking Forward”

Holiday Fitness, Week 5: Continue the Work

Can you believe it! It’s a week beyond a month since I started on this holiday fitness challenge. That’s time enough to create some habits, like finding the time to exercise most days of the week, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, and pretty much take care of myself. On Friday night I had a headache and some nasal congestion, but after taking a Decolgen and going to bed early, the next morning I was fine. I have not felt this robust in years!

You know what bums me out though? Due to years of heavy training I have gotten used to having a certain body weight and shape; now that I’m about 7 pounds over that, my clothes don’t fit the way they used to and I don’t quite feel like myself. Visually though I’m not much different. In fact, people have told me I look well-rested and not haggard.Β  Continue reading “Holiday Fitness, Week 5: Continue the Work”