Holiday Fitness, Week 4: The Rhythm

Even though my progress is slow, it has been consistent. Now after four weeks of fitness I’m happy to report that I’m still healthy and I’ve found a good rhythm of exercise and rest.

Holiday Fitness Week 4
Costume run at NRC Home Run session

Temperatures spiked last week, and although I’m wearing a zebra costume in the photo above, I couldn’t actually run in it during the Nike Run Club session on Thursday. Well, I could have, but I would have died from heat exhaustion. I was already revved up on the inside from attending a class earlier in the day at Flyweight, so I wanted to take the run as easy as I could.

Holiday Fitness Week 4

Holiday Fitness Week 4
more about Flyweight later this week

You can’t go hard all the time. Some people might call the easy sessions “junk miles”, but they’re actually integral to keeping my aerobic engine turning over without always revving at a high RPM.

Holiday Fitness Week 4
check out that heart rate haha

Meanwhile, I’ve just received the latest Dolfin swimwear designs along with a very sleek pull buoy to replace my worn out and moldy one. That only means one thing: more swimming! Given that I’m not actually training for a triathlon coming up, it’s hard to get my butt into the pool. The weather lately has been very nice, though, so an hour in the water ain’t bad at all.

Holiday Fitness Week 4
Dolfin swimwear and swim tools — thanks Atleta Ako!

Holiday Fitness Week 4
I’m the pool shark

In case you missed my blog post last week about it, I’m signing up for the Ho Chi Minh City half-marathon in January. It gives me a nice goal to aim for in building my fitness, but it’s still far enough to work up to slowly. I’m going to stick with the low heart rate stuff all the way up to the race and am targeting just a sub-2 hour time but hopefully at a lower heart rate than the 160 bpm I ran at on the run leg at Challenge Vietnam.

Holiday Fitness Week 4
I’ve just got to pace myself.

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