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A few months ago, someone approached me about becoming an instructor at their upcoming boxing studio. I’ve retired from teaching group exercise, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy attending group classes now and again. For many people, group classes at a gym or studio are an easily accessible way of getting a guided workout in a fun setting. So I told them to let me know when they were opening, and I’d come along and attend a class.

That day has come. Flyweight at Eight Forbestown Road in Bonifacio Global City is the premier boutique boxing studio in Asia, with a revolutionary program that reinvents traditional boxing workouts. With the grand opening a few months away, a few of us fitness and running bloggers were treated to a trial class so we could see what Flyweight is all about.

Flyweight Boutique Boxing
I’ve booked my bag

The Boutique Boxing Program is a 45-minute group boxing workout that combines shadowboxing and heavy bag work, as well as body weight, core, and footwork exercises to develop technique, power, endurance, and speed. The hashtag #jabcrosshookburpee addresses exactly what makes Flyweight workouts unique.

Instructors teach in scheduled classes as well as “Lockout” classes you can book for groups of people from 8 to 21 pax. As the way with most things now, you can book into classes instead of paying for a monthly membership. Eight Forbestown Road is a haven of fitness and wellness establishments, and most yuppies (do we still use that word?) these days hop between them, from sessions at Life Yoga to spin classes at Electric Studio — and now boxing at Flyweight.

There are two in-house studios: Bas on the lower floor has 20 heavy bags, while Mez on the upper floor past the locker rooms has 8 heavy bags.

While there were just eight of us in the trial class taught by Aaron, we were told that during the lunch hours stockbrokers would come in and fill up Bas taking out their work stress on the bags. Enzo Tanedo, one of the partners at Flyweight (the guy who had contacted me months ago), also took the class alongside us. It was nice putting a face to the name!

Flyweight Boutique Boxing
Pick a bag, any bag.

Flyweight Boutique Boxing
gotta love the branding

Flyweight Boutique Boxing
use of wraps and gloves is complimentary

Flyweight Boutique Boxing
wraps and gloves are mandatory

Flyweight Boutique Boxing
plenty of spares

Flyweight Boutique Boxing
you can also buy your own wraps and gloves at Flyweight

Flyweight Boutique Boxing
getting wrapped

Flyweight Boutique Boxing
I used my Fitbit to track calorie burn during the 45-minute class

Flyweight Boutique Boxing
pre-workout snacks

Depending on the instructor, you get a workout along to their preferred musical tastes. Some instructors like doing a lot of legs, while others will focus on core, and still others will help you work on your boxing technique. I have to tell you, even in those 45 minutes I had to pace myself to keep from peaking too early and crapping out on the rest of the workout. Aside from the shadowboxing and bag-hitting (gotta love those Supergirl punches!), there were burpees, sit-ups, planks, squats, and mountain climbers galore.

Flyweight Boutique Boxing
What a workout!

Flyweight is a welcome addition to the fitness options in Bonifacio Global City. The key to staying fit and healthy is finding what works for you. Flyweight definitely hits the spot.

Flyweight Boutique Boxing Studio is located at the 2nd floor of Eight Forbestown Road, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City Taguig. Book into a class at their website Find out more about Flyweight by following on Facebook and on Instagram.

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