Under Armour Test of Will 2018 Manila

I dropped by the third edition of the Under Armour Test of Will last Saturday at the Mega Fashion Hall, compelled by an invitation from the PR crew as well as a genuine curiosity about what this fitness challenge would require from its participants this year. I had checked out the previous editions and always found them daunting and unforgiving to us runners, who are known to have really poor upper-body strength. I just didn’t want to look like a joke in front of all the other fit people.

Well, joke was on me this year, since all four of the exercises required needed endurance and leg strength rather than explosiveness and arm strength. I really should have worn active wear, because these exercises were right up my alley! They were:

  • Over-Unders: alternately stepping over a hurdle and sliding underneath it.
  • Deadball Squats: execute squats while bearing a weighty medicine ball on your shoulders.
  • Kettlebell Farmer Walks: holding kettlebells in both hands, walk figure-eights around two points.
  • Bear Crawls: while attached to a resistance band, crawl to hit a button.

Participants who recorded the most number of reps in the 60 seconds allotted for each exercise would win. For the first time, age group categories were introduced (18-34 years, 35-44 years, and 45 years old and above). The top male and top female for each of the age categories were given a limited-edition Test of Will 2018 medal and cash prize. All participants took home an exclusive β€œWILLbreaker” t-shirt upon completion of the challenges.

Under Armour celebrity brand ambassadors J.C. de Vera, Derek Ramsay, Robi Domingo, and Kylie Versoza also graced the event.

Check out my short vlog below:

I’ve definitely learned my lesson. What’s my mantra for this blog again? “I’ll try anything at least once.” Well, I should have taken my own advice. Next time!

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