WH Are You Game?: I'm Game!

Got My Game On with Women’s Health

Last Saturday, the much-awaited Women’s Health Are You Game? event pushed through at the BGC Amphitheater, giving women like me a chance to participate in some fun physical activities that challenged our fitness.

WH Are You Game?: I'm Game!

I’m game!

It was a great way for Women’s Health to connect with its readers who may not have been able to make it to Boracay for the annual Beauty and the Beach event. But let me tell you, it was as hot as being on the beach that day.

WH Are You Game?: My Hydration

I hydrated with Gatorade Low-Carb and Lightwater.

Thankfully, just before the exercise classes started, some cloud cover rolled in and shielded participants from the sun’s harshness.

There were six classes planned for the day: partner yoga, TRX and Rip training, model’s runway workout, cardio mash-up, urban rebound with Kangoo shoes, and techno rave.

WH Are You Game?: Antigravity Yoga

Antigravity Yoga demo

Aside from the group classes, there were also some other activities to try out: bull riding, reverse bungee, “surfing”, and the kettlebell challenge from 360 Fitness. I notched second place in the kettlebell challenge, just because the woman who completed more reps than me was the super-fit Philippine master trainer for TRX. Ü

WH Are You Game?: Surfing
WH Are You Game?: Bull Riding

WH Are You Game?: Reverse Bungee

Because I’d already blasted my legs from the kettlebell challenge (weighted squats and hip thrusts will do that to you), I opted to do just the TRX class. I’ve used TRX suspension training before at the gym with a personal trainer, but I’d never done it in a class dynamic. Let me tell you, that was a huge motivator to keep going; all these women around me who probably had never done TRX before were just going at it to the best of their ability.

WH Are You Game?: TRX
WH Are You Game?: It's TRX time!

It’s TRX time!

I stood by on the sidelines and observed the other classes, which all had enthusiastic attendance.

WH Are You Game?: Cardio Mashup
WH Are You Game?: Kangoo Shoes

WH Are You Game?: Lara Parpan

Despite rain causing the cancellation of the last class of the day, I was really impressed with the number of women (and even men!) who turned up for Are You Game?. It was a great way of reaching out to people who may not have other opportunities to try out ways of getting fit, and I hope it inspired many of them to lead more active lifestyles.

Kudos to the people behind Women’s Health for being totally on their game as ambassadors of health and fitness in the country. Please bring back this event next year!

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