Hong Kong Interlude

Hong Kong last week was a cool getaway from Manila with my sister and her family. We had actually booked the trip before it turned into an ASEAN holiday, so we still had our pick of flights and hotels. I decided to document the trip with a video camera that’s about ten years old. It was pretty awesome to look back on these moments from the trip while I was editing to create these vlogs.

I hope you enjoy these three videos! If you like them, please subscribe to my Youtube channel. I’ve got much more coming up from my trips to Taiwan as well as the Angkor Wat Half Marathon.

Star Wars Run SG 2017

Singapore is one of my favorite cities to visit, and I’m a fan of Star Wars, so it didn’t take much nudging to sign up for the Star Wars Run SG. It really helped that they announced some great swag in their race kit and sold light sabers at a discounted price.

The actual race would happen on the evening of May 6 or what Star Wars fans call “Revenge of the Sixth Day”, with a festival commencing from Star Wars Day on May 4 (“May the Fourth Be With You”) at Gardens by the Bay. Continue reading “Star Wars Run SG 2017”

All About Treadmill Running

I took up running because I was tired and bored of working out inside four walls. That’s why for a long time I always took the option of running outside even if I had easy access to a gym with state-of-the-art treadmills.

But after years of tripping on sidewalk cracks, having to slow down and stop at intersections and red lights, being chased by feral dogs, and inhaling smoke from vehicles stuck in heavy traffic, I’ve come to appreciate the simplicity and convenience of running on a treadmill.Β  Continue reading “All About Treadmill Running”

Kikay Reviews: Goldtoe Powersox

Goldtoe Powersox

I haven’t written a review in quite a while, but that’s because I have been putting all the products I’ve received for review through their paces!

I lived out of a suitcase for most of the month of March, which meant that I had to use and reuse a lot of clothing (I did laundry while I was away). I packed two sets of running gear which I managed to use several times during my stay in Oz. Doing a lot of walking meant I preferred to use closed-toe shoes most of the time as well.

So for the entire trip, I brought five pairs of socks which meant most of them had to pull double-duty as running socks as well as casual socks. These socks were all from Goldtoe Powersox, which I had been sent by Lloyd Palconan of Manila Bay Hosiery Mills (the licensed manufacturer of Goldtoe socks in the Philippines). I’ve been using them for a few months now.

Powersox by Goldtoe
Powersox by Goldtoe

Goldtoe is the most preferred dress socks in the US, the most-ordered brand of socks on Amazon and eBay, and their athletic socks are rated #1 in the US. I’m pretty sure our dads all own a pair of Goldtoe black dress socks with the gold toe.

Powersox is their sports socks line, and like Goldtoe is available in almost every major department store in the country. The product is quality but the price point is very pocket-friendly. Continue reading “Kikay Reviews: Goldtoe Powersox”

adidas BoostManila

After a few years of hibernation, adidas has re-entered the local running community scene by bringing together some of Metro Manila’s running communities. Their BoostManila event at Terra 28th Bonifacio Global City drew around a hundred people: bloggers such as myself from the old adiNation of Runners days as well as new runners on the scene in what adidas called “the first and biggest running community meet in the country.”

Adidas BoostManila

The running groups represented were: Run365ph from Quezon City, the Ayala Triads from Makati, Philippine Titans from Pasig, Urban Runners from BGC/Taguig, and the Snail Runners from Alabang.

On hand were a few members of Run365 to talk about their experience running in adidas Ultra BOOST shoes for the past few months. Anthony and Maricel Pangilinan were present along with their children. Anthony spoke about running both the New York and Tokyo Marathons in the same pair of Ultra BOOSTs. Maricel also gave an anecdote about running the Tokyo Marathon in the Pure BOOST X without having previously run long in those shoes at all. “For the first time after a marathon I had no blisters or dead toenails,” she said.

After the opening remarks and testimonials, the runners were let loose in waves to run three loops around Bonifacio High Street. The fastest in each wave received adidas gift certificates. All BoostManila participants were also given a discount valid for 24 hours at the new adidas store at Uptown BGC, where they would have taken home their shopping in paper bags due to adidas’ move to eliminate plastic shopping bags from their stores as part of their commitment to sustainable practices.

Aside from supporting the above running groups, adidas has also partnered with Team Pangilinan, Team Gotta, and national athlete Claire Adorna.

It’s great to see adidas supporting the growth of running in the Philippines once again. For the latest updates, follow @adidasph and the hashtag #BoostManila on Twitter and Instagram.

Dispatch 13: Traveling

Life sometimes brings you the unexpected, and after a few weeks of falling into a routine I was in for an abrupt change. But I like to go with the flow.

Well, what else would you do if you got an opportunity to go someplace and rev up your training? And so I found myself on a plane last Thursday heading for Phuket.

Dispatch 13: Flying

I do some freelance writing work for a sports resort in Phuket, and they decided to bring me in for the week to work on the website for their Wellness Centre.

Aside from some really great sports training facilities which I’ve already discussed in great detail numerous times, T*** also has a center devoted to complementary health: nutrition, yoga, physiotherapy, and mind training. So off I went to explore this side of T***. Continue reading “Dispatch 13: Traveling”

Dispatch #12: Balancing Act

Back when I was just training for one sport, all that mattered was how fast and how far I could run. Now that I swim and ride a bike as well as run, I don’t want to give up any of the gains I’ve made in those two sports just to focus on running… And that’s the puzzle of triathlon. No one is equally good at all the three disciplines (well, unless you’re Jan Frodeno, but he got a running injury so he’s still human). With a finite amount of energy and time, you can only do so much in one discipline before another begins to suffer.

My swim has held steady and my run is getting better, so cycling took the hit. Last Saturday’s bike ride was only 50 kilometers long, but I was walking funny at the end of it with aching quads.

Dispatch 12: Lose Something to Gain Something

Continue reading “Dispatch #12: Balancing Act”