Kikay Reviews: Goldtoe Powersox

Goldtoe Powersox

I haven’t written a review in quite a while, but that’s because I have been putting all the products I’ve received for review through their paces!

I lived out of a suitcase for most of the month of March, which meant that I had to use and reuse a lot of clothing (I did laundry while I was away). I packed two sets of running gear which I managed to use several times during my stay in Oz. Doing a lot of walking meant I preferred to use closed-toe shoes most of the time as well.

So for the entire trip, I brought five pairs of socks which meant most of them had to pull double-duty as running socks as well as casual socks. These socks were all from Goldtoe Powersox, which I had been sent by Lloyd Palconan of Manila Bay Hosiery Mills (the licensed manufacturer of Goldtoe socks in the Philippines). I’ve been using them for a few months now.

Powersox by Goldtoe
Powersox by Goldtoe

Goldtoe is the most preferred dress socks in the US, the most-ordered brand of socks on Amazon and eBay, and their athletic socks are rated #1 in the US. I’m pretty sure our dads all own a pair of Goldtoe black dress socks with the gold toe.

Powersox is their sports socks line, and like Goldtoe is available in almost every major department store in the country. The product is quality but the price point is very pocket-friendly. Continue reading “Kikay Reviews: Goldtoe Powersox”

Dispatch 13: Traveling

Life sometimes brings you the unexpected, and after a few weeks of falling into a routine I was in for an abrupt change. But I like to go with the flow.

Well, what else would you do if you got an opportunity to go someplace and rev up your training? And so I found myself on a plane last Thursday heading for Phuket.

Dispatch 13: Flying

I do some freelance writing work for a sports resort in Phuket, and they decided to bring me in for the week to work on the website for their Wellness Centre.

Aside from some really great sports training facilities which I’ve already discussed in great detail numerous times, T*** also has a center devoted to complementary health: nutrition, yoga, physiotherapy, and mind training. So off I went to explore this side of T***. Continue reading “Dispatch 13: Traveling”

PACE Prehab and Recovery Opens in BGC

It’s not everyday that a world-class sports medicine clinic opens up in Manila. PACE Prehab and Recovery officially opened its doors to media, athletes, and the public on January 18. I was there to check out its offerings.

PACE Prehab & Recovery

In late 2014 I wrote about the Run Safe 101 Seminar conducted by New York-based sports medicine physiotherapist Francis Diano. Little did I know that eventually Francis would move his practice to the Philippines and its emerging and fast-growing sports market! Continue reading “PACE Prehab and Recovery Opens in BGC”

Dispatch #1: Slow Start

Hi folks! I’m starting a new series of blog posts that should keep me accountable for how I spent every week and also to keep you abreast of what I’m up to. I know I’ve been putting out a lot of topical and informational blog posts lately, but this blog is also about my journey that I want to take you on as well. So here’s my first Dispatch of 2016…

I was supposed to have raced the PSE Bull Run in BGC this weekend, especially since Kuya Kim Atienza was so nice to offer me a 10K race kit. Instead, I added another DNS (Did Not Start) to my record. I could not get up at all to make that 5:15am gun start!

But it has been quite a heavy training week because the holidays are over, and I’ve settled into quite a nice groove following a MaccaX triathlon training plan. Additionally, MaccaX has started a nice little Battle of the Nations contest, which has grouped its hundreds of members into Team Down Under (Australia & New Zealand), Team USA, and Team World (Europe, Asia, North & South America) to compete against each other for bragging rights and the chance at some awesome prizes. For this week, the focus was on logging as many bike kilometers as possible, which led to me acquiring a Garmin speed sensor on Monday so I could track my indoor ride mileage, as well as joining two long rides this week.

Riding in Clark with TriSixFiv
with TriSixFiv at the Clark parade grounds

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Kikay Reviews: Tannus Solid Tires

Over my four years riding a bike competitively, I’ve learned how to change flat tires. That doesn’t mean I don’t still find it a nuisance. When the distributor of Tannus solid tires offered to let me try his product out, of course I said yes!

Tannus Solid Tires
Tannus solid tires available in various colors

In the early days of cycling, riders used iron bands on wooden wheels on “velocipedes” — the first bicycles. Solid rubber tires were then used on “penny-farthings”. The pneumatic, or air-filled, tire came into vogue as a means to soften the harsh rides. These kinds of tires were much lighter and could allow cyclists to go much faster, which is why they’re now nearly ubiquitous on all racing bikes. (Geek out further on bicycle tire history with this Wikipedia entry.)

The main disadvantage of pneumatic tires is their tendency for punctures, and the need to fill them with air before use. Several tire companies have tried to engineer solid tires that were light enough for racing but hardy enough to withstand conditions that would puncture regular tires. Tannus, a Korean company, manufactures its tires with a polymer resin they call “Aither”. Continue reading “Kikay Reviews: Tannus Solid Tires”

Sweating in Style: Clothing for Active Lifestyles

The ancient Greeks had it easy when it came to what to wear when breaking a sweat. Competing in those first Olympic Games, all they had to do was strip down to, well, nothing. Fast forward to the 21st Century and you have myriad materials and designs from which to choose, depending on the activity and time of year.

What to wear is no longer just about putting on any shirt, shorts, socks and shoes. Sports and active wear design has become a rat race of real technological advances as well as marketing hoopla. Some claim to help keep you cool, some claim to boost performance, and some just bank on their style factor to keep you interested in the latest to roll off the factory line.

One thing’s for sure: you’ll never have to go naked again.

Century Tuna Ironman 70.3 Subic
You have more choices than just wearing your underpants. *wink*

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A Pedestrian in Bavaria

After Challenge Roth week I spent another week exploring a few cities in Bavaria, which is the federal state in Germany in which Roth is a district. While the Tri Clark boys had a rental car to drive around in (and would eventually tour some countries in Eastern Europe), I would make my journey by rail and on foot. I’ve always loved exploring new places with my own two feet, but this would be my longest period without a car to do so. I would be passing through the city of Regensburg for two nights, and then stay in Munich for two nights before flying home. I also planned a day trip to Salzburg, Austria, which historically and culturally is Bavarian.

In Manila we are used to motorized transport, and our city has grown so large we can’t walk comfortably from one appointment to another unless we’ve scheduled them all within one place. Even though I’m a runner capable of covering long distances, I am still guilty of looking at one of my fellow runners askance when he said he’d walked from Ortigas to BGC. This is doable, but no one does it unless out of dire need — no taxis, shuttles, or trains available. So it was quite refreshing to be a pedestrian on those roads that had been designed not for cars, but for people.

Nuremberg Tour

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