Watch Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge on RTL CBS Extreme

While I don’t watch much television because I hardly have time, I make sure what I do watch is compelling entertainment. Last Wednesday, I got to preview Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge season 2 and I really liked what I saw!

From the producers of American Ninja Warrior, the Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge takes talented Spartan Race obstacle course racers and adds a team element to the challenging course it presents to them. This means teams not only have to be strong individually, but also work harmoniously together to overcome the obstacles. Six teams compete in heats of three teams each per week, with the winning teams of each heat and the fastest runner-up team moving through to the next round. Teams are competing for a grand prize of $250,000 so you’ll definitely see them going all out. 

Watch this sneak peek:

What I really loved about this first episode is it not only introduces you to the obstacle course which is the usual star of shows like this, but also gives you the background story behind each of the teams competing. This creates characters to root for and makes for compelling television. I was so sad when Team ___ didn’t make it! (No spoilers, LOL)

Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge is in its second season and will be aired in Asia on RTL CBS Extreme on Saturdays 9:35pm starting September 1, with replays on Thursday nights. If you’re on Skycable, RTL CBS Extreme is an add-on channel for as low as P20/month. It is also on Destiny Cable Digital channel 104 (add-on) and Cablelink channel 224 (Basic Plus w/ set top box).

The Spartan Race brand is definitely spreading its footprint across the Philippines with these multiple activations: this television series, the Spartan SGX group workout I wrote about last week, and the Spartan Race Sprint itself happening on September 16. Whichever of these you end up watching and doing, I’m sure you’ll have a real good time.

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