Return to Endurance, Week 4

It’s been a month back in triathlon training and I’m still feeling good, which is a big thing for me considering I could hardly string together a month without getting sick earlier this year! Of course, what I’m doing is technically an off-season program, but it’s not bad for coming from zero. And I’m thankful I don’t need to do a lot of swimming, although the mileage prescribed is slowly creeping up.

Return to Endurance Week 4

Swimming is the only time I get actual sun during workouts LOL

Meanwhile, the overall body conditioning from my months of Nike Training Club is still coming in really useful…

I got to do another Spartan SGX workout last week after the sneak preview of Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge and apparently they tinkered with the format to make it even harder, calling not just on your strength but also cardio endurance. It was still tough, and I still failed at the monkey bars despite getting a pair of gloves from Decathlon to protect my hands and make gripping easier. But then again, I did all the stations by myself instead of having a partner like last time, so I guess I’m stronger now.

That strength came in particularly handy on this weekend’s adventure hiking up Mt. Maculot in Cuenca, Batangas. I’ll be writing a bit more about it later this week complete with photos (it was action-packed and quite suspenseful and thrilling, let me tell you). Suffice it to say my arms, core, and legs are still aching but I’m definitely thankful I’m strong enough to hoist myself up and down rock faces and slippery mud slopes, or grasp onto tree trunks and hanging vines to keep my balance.

Return to Endurance Week 4

This photo came before the real hard work.

Return to Endurance Week 4

Getting to the summit was easier than getting off the mountain.

Return to Endurance Week 4

I couldn’t have asked for a better crew to hike with.

I really appreciate every opportunity to stretch myself and see where my physical and mental limits are. But it’s also great to get into a groove with my chosen sports and see progress in them as well. What’s important right now is never letting things like exercise and training feel like work — because goodness knows I have enough work to do! Sport is my time to play.

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