Road to SuBIT, Week 2: Actual Training

I had an interesting first week of tri training. The distances I’m tackling at this point are short, but to paraphrase the great Chrissie Wellington: some sessions are stars and some are stones, but they are all rocks we build on.

I’m challenging myself more now and really getting the heart pumping and sweat flowing. This is also the kind of working out that makes me happy and gives me satisfaction because I feel like something’s happening. The exercise I did in the offseason had more of a recuperative bent. What I’m doing now is actual training. Continue reading “Road to SuBIT, Week 2: Actual Training”

The Magnificent 7

Seven is a nice prime number, and it sort of has a poetic and Biblical ring to it. This year marks Kikay Runner’s seventh blog anniversary. I can’t believe this blog has been around for that long, but I’ve enjoyed every bit of the way I’ve come.

While the race reports and travelogues are always fun to write and share with all of you, my readers, I’ve also written many times about thoughts and experiences close to my heart as a runner and as a human being. So for my anniversary post, I would like to highlight The Magnificent 7: seven of the blog entries I’ve made over the years that I feel have the most significance for me. I hope you will read along and click through for the full entries! Continue reading “The Magnificent 7”

Road to SuBIT, Week 1: #BalikSubit

January’s almost over, and I’ve already decided on what are going to be the big races for me this year. While I wouldn’t rule out a destination marathon later this year, I’m building my year-round fitness on getting triathlon-ready.

I’ve missed two Subic Bay International Triathlon races in a row, so I decided to sign up for it. SuBIT happens on April 29-30, 2017 in the country’s tri capital, Subic Bay. I took advantage of the early bird rate, which ends on February 16. Sign up now!

Continue reading “Road to SuBIT, Week 1: #BalikSubit”

Clark Animo Marathon on March 12

If you’re now looking of a unique race to join in the next few months, take a look at the Clark Animo Marathon set for March 12, 2017. With distances from 2.5K to 42K, there’s something for every fitness level.

Clark Animo Marathon

Organized by the De La Salle Alumni Association – Pampanga Chapter, this is the 7th edition of the race, previously named the Clark Animo Run. It’s the third year featuring a marathon distance. This will also be the second year to feature a route passing through the Clark International Airport grounds. (With more flights departing from and arriving into Clark in the coming years, this is going to become a more rare occurrence. Run here while you can ;D)

The gunstarts are quite early, so I recommend taking your family or friends to Clark for the weekend, arriving the day before. Pampanga and especially Clark has some really great restaurants for food-trippers. Kids will have a ball at the Fontana waterpark (even if the casinos are temporarily closed; sorry, grownups!). Nayong Pilipino is also in the area, as are a few other Clark tourist attractions.

The race is expected to host at least 4,000 running enthusiasts, making it one of the biggest running events in Pampanga. Registration ends on February 1, 2017. Marathon and half-marathon participants will receive finisher medals, while marathon participants will also get a finisher shirt.

The Clark Animo Marathon has always supported charitable causes. Its theme this year is “A Green Run for a Green Cause”, with proceeds from the event benefiting the Angeles City Watershed.

For more information, log onto their Facebook Page – Clark Animo Marathon.

Race: Clark Animo Marathon
Date: March 12, 2017
Venue: Clark Freeport Zone, Clark, Pampanga
Reg Fees: P400 (2.5K) / P550 (5K) / P700 (10K) / P900 (21K) / P1600 (42K)
Online Registration:
In-Store Registration: New Balance (Marquee Mall and Trinoma);Β Nepo Mall Angeles; Northern Brew Coffee Shop, Angeles;Β  Francis D’s All In Burgers, San Fernando, Pampanga; Cycles & Brew by Hubble, Clark.

HCMC Run: The City Marathon

Racing for the first time in a while is always difficult, but the rough spots get smoothed over when you’re in the care of a great race organizer. The Ho Chi Minh City Run was a long way from home to go run a half-marathon, but I am so glad I was there to witness the burgeoning sports and fitness scene in Vietnam, which can only continue to grow.

In 1992, Ho Chi Minh City had its first ever full marathon, hosting just a little under 100 local runners out of the 250 total participants. Twenty-five years later, the HCMC Run organized by Pulse Active brought the full distance back, to the delight of 7,218 runners across the 5K, 10K, 21K, and 42K distances. Continue reading “HCMC Run: The City Marathon”

Kikay Reviews: Zenith Smart Scale

Today was the moment of truth: have I gained weight from the holiday season? The answer is YES. And now I know it down to the fraction of a pound, and then some.

Truth be told, back in December when Digital Frontier the official distributor of the Zenith Smart Scale offered to send me a unit to test and review, I had my reservations. Who really wants to confirm the damage done during the feasting? But everyone knows that knowing is half the battle. So I bit the bullet and told them to send it over.
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Road to HCMC: Race Week

I made a mistake with the numbering from last blog post, because the Ho Chi Minh City Run is happening THIS WEEKEND!


Thankfully, I had the good sense to have booked everything I needed to before the Christmas holidays made me forget everything for a while. Imagine if I’d forgotten to book my flights?! Now I just need to get a new supply of energy gels, print out tickets, hotel bookings, and race registration email, then get packed. And I need to get this all done before Thursday because my flight leaves that night, landing us in Saigon around midnight.

Like the Laguna Phuket Marathon, my parents are coming with me again. Unlike that race, though, I am quite unprepared for a fast 21-kilometer jaunt through the streets of Saigon.

I’ll settle for a leisurely pace that will get me from start to finish safely, so I’m treating this race as a long run. (I will surely finish before the 21K’s generous four-hour cutoff!) “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” and all that. That’s something I am fit for and should help burn off lots of food calories, seeing that I’m putting together a trip itinerary that involves lots of eating.

Of course, we’re going to hit the tourist trail with a pre-booked tour. Normally I’d just walk around on my own, but having travel companions requires more planning so nobody gets exasperated by the group getting lost.

Other than that, I asked my friends for suggestions on things to do and places to see in Ho Chi Minh and got some pretty enthusiastic responses. My friend Marck unabashedly calls HCMC his favorite city, and for a self-confessed agoraphobic to love one of the region’s most densely-populated cities means Saigon is something special.

I really do think my afternoon and evening in Ho Chi Minh before the red-eye flight back to Manila after Challenge Vietnam was, as we Filipinos like to say, bitin (too short and unsatisfying). And yet it looks like three days might not be enough to explore what the city has to offer! Hopefully I can pack in plenty of good experiences in those three days so I can tell you a nice long story when I get back.