Road to SuBIT, Week 2: Actual Training

I had an interesting first week of tri training. The distances I’m tackling at this point are short, but to paraphrase the great Chrissie Wellington: some sessions are stars and some are stones, but they are all rocks we build on.

I’m challenging myself more now and really getting the heart pumping and sweat flowing. This is also the kind of working out that makes me happy and gives me satisfaction because I feel like something’s happening. The exercise I did in the offseason had more of a recuperative bent. What I’m doing now is actual training.

Road to SuBIT Week 2
When you look like crap but feel so good after a workout

Right now I’m enjoying the satisfaction I get from ticking these sessions off my MaccaX training schedule, although I’ve got some muscle soreness from swimming more than I’ve been used to, as well as spending way more time on the bicycle. My assigned bike sessions are still way too short to justify making the trip all the way to Nuvali, so I did the one-hour “long ride” indoors yesterday. I miss being out there with my tri friends though; when my training log asks for a two-hour ride that’s when I’ll join them out there again. (I’m not looking forward to the 60-minute drive going there, and 90-minute return drive to Manila.)

Road to SuBIT Week 2
All my outdoor photos are of running because my bike hasn’t seen daylight since last year.

I make it a point to weigh myself once a week in the mornings before breakfast, and so far the Zenith Smart Scale has helped me track not just weight changes, but also change in muscle mass and fat percentage. It’s going to take a while to whittle this frame down. To help the weight loss along I’ll look at food choices. I exercise enough. Maybe I am overeating?

Road to SuBIT Week 2
Honeyed pork. Last na ‘to. Promise.

I’ve got some good stuff coming up on this week’s blog posts, so check back here to get the low-down on Strip Ministry of Waxing’s Mulled Wine Wax and Nike’s new Zonal Strength Tights.

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