Kikay Runner App Now Available for iPhone

Late last year I changed this blog’s layout to become a bit more streamlined, and added a mobile version so that devices like smartphones and tablets could access the site faster and more legibly.

For’s third anniversary, I’m launching an app! The Good: now you can download my most recent entries. The Better: you can access them even while offline. The Best: it’s free on the App Store. ;)

Kikay Runner iPhone App previewKikay Runner iPhone App preview
Kikay Runner available on App Store

App Description:

KIKAYRUNNER is now available in the App Store! KikayRunner is a handy application where you can keep all the running tips from no other than KikayRunner herself, Noelle De Guzman. Bring it when you are preparing for a race, while shopping for running shoes, or simply when you want to browse through her interesting running stories. Download KikayRunner app now and join Noelle in her fun adventures with running!

Download KikayRunner for iPhone.

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7 thoughts on “Kikay Runner App Now Available for iPhone

  1. Congrats on your 3rd anniversary and the lauch of your own app! Just one question though..Will the app be available for Android users as well? Thanks and more horsepower!

      1. Well, hopefully your app would come to Android, too, so that us Android-users won’t be missing out. Anyway, happy 3rd anniversary again, Noelle! Looking forward to more anniversaries reading your stuff..

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