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It’s already February this week so it’s way past time to open Christmas presents. I “opened” my last Christmas present last week.

Strip Mulled Wine Wax
a gift pack from Strip Ministry of Waxing

With an on-the-go lifestyle, I’ve always resorted to shaving for hair removal. But regrowth is quick and itchy. I’ve always had better, longer-lasting results through tweezing and waxing, but there’s a pain factor involved especially when there’s a lot to remove.

Enter: Strip Ministry of Waxing. I’ve walked by this place plenty of times before, but never had the guts to enter and give it a try.

Strip Mulled Wine Wax

Strip has pioneered new waxing techniques and waxes in its 15 years of operation, creating a fast, fuss-free process: their Waxperts are done in 15 minutes! Strip also introduced hygienic practices like their No Double Dipping commandment, never using the same spatula twice in a session. They also have their own line of waxes known for significantly reducing any discomfort that is often associated with waxing, making it ideal for use on sensitive areas.

I got to try their limited-edition Mulled Wine Wax, which is infused with the scent of red wine, orange, cloves, and cinnamon. With that lovely holiday smell wafting through my clean, private waxing room, my “Striperella” got down to business.

Strip Ministry of Waxing

She was friendly yet quite clinical and efficient in her manner. It reduced the embarrassment factor until it just felt like a salon visit to get my nails done. She also always checked up on me to see if I was still okay, or needed a break.

The wax was just the right temperature: it felt like applying a warm masque. She only did one section at a time and used a calming serum after every pull, allowing my skin and nerve endings to calm down. The pain was tolerable; I mean, you can’t avoid how painful pulling hair out from the roots feels, but you can ensure you only feel it for a fraction of a second. It was just amazing how quickly she worked; I was out of there in 10 minutes!

The result was baby-smooth and hair-free skin. Hair regrowth is quite slow, and if you use their specialty line of aftercare products it can get even slower so you can enjoy the results of your wax longer. I was definitely impressed; no wonder Strip is seen by waxing aficionados as the gold standard. I will be making my next appointment with them soon!

Strip’s limited-edition Mulled Wine Wax is only available until March: P1798 for Brazilian wax and P798 for underarms. STRIP has three locations in the Philippines: Serendra, Greenbelt 5, and Mega Fashion Hall. For more information, visit the Strip Manila website and follow the Strip Facebook page.

Strip Ministry of Waxing

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