Bataan International Triathlon Bike Course Recon

It’s only a few more weeks until the Bataan International Triathlon… and boy, do I feel unprepared!

I came out of my offseason two weeks ago and started training properly again (as opposed to merely exercising to stay in shape), but I haven’t been hitting the hills as much as I need to.

Thanks to my teammate Kira and friend Jayjay, we set off on a day trip to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bagac, Bataan, which is the jump-off point for Bi3. We left Manila at 4:30am and took the NLEX and SCTEX to Dinalupihan Exit then drove for a bit more. We arrived around 7:30am and paid for an 8-hour room so we had somewhere to shower after our ride.

We set off around 8am with another group who serendipitously were also there to scout the bike course.

Bi3 course recon

There are two distances for the race (Largo and Rapido), but since my two companions were doing Rapido and had never been on the bike course before, I decided to stick with them.

I already know these hills from five recon rides here last year for Challenge Philippines anyway. 🙂

The Rapido course passes from Bagac into Morong and takes a U-turn at the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant.

Bi3 course recon

at the Bagac-Morong boundary arch

Bi3 course recon

Bi3 course recon

Kira’s first time to ride to the power plant!

It was a nice leisurely 30+ kilometers and then we were back at Las Casas for a quick shower, lunch, and peek around the resort.

Las Casas used to be a private collection of reconstructed and relocated antique houses. Now it’s a thriving hotel, resort, and tourist destination.

Bi3 course recon
Bi3 course recon

Bi3 course recon

Bi3 course recon

Bi3 course recon

I definitely can’t wait to go back there in a few weeks’ time and run through those streets. 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Bataan International Triathlon Bike Course Recon

  1. Hi, Noelle! We met in a Tri Camp in Pico de Loro. I hope to share another race with you sooner or later. I skipped this. I chose the one on Dec 6. But very nice feature and seems like Bataan is really beautiful. Will sign up next year. Good luck!

  2. Thank you for being our Bataan up”hells” guide Noelle!!! Was far from leisurely for me though, huffing and puffing up the hills!

    1. Ride hill repeats to strengthen your legs. There are also at least two long uphills which you will need to be patient on.

      It’s not hard if you prepare for it. But it’s not an easy course.

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