Subic Invitational Triathlon — Win a Free Race Kit

I’m very excited to partner with the Subic Fitness Festival, especially for the Subic Invitational Triathlon on November 17. We’d love to give people a chance to experience doing this race, which will be held on parts of the Challenge Philippines course. So, I’m holding a contest — a free kit to the Subic Invitational Triathlon is up for grabs!

The contest theme is Triathlon Fun. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Get dressed in a funny outfit. Make sure it has big visual impact!
  2. Get your photo taken wearing that outfit doing one of the three disciplines of triathlon: swimming, cycling, or running. Have fun with this photo! 😉
  3. Post your photo to my Facebook Page wall with this caption: Triathlon is fun! Join me at the Subic Invitational Triathlon on November 17 in Subic Bay.
  4. Get your friends, family, strangers on the bus, etc. to like your photo. The photo with the most Likes by September 30 wins the kit.

Easy, right? So get cracking. Contest starts today!

Subic Invitational Triathlon on November 17
Subic Invitational Triathlon on November 17

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