Partyology: The Chronicles of Dance on September 21

Running puts a premium on forward motion; the shortest distance from start to finish is a straight line, and the fastest person to the finish line wins. But as seen in this article by sports rehab specialist James Dunne, just because we move in straight lines doesn’t mean we shouldn’t train other movements as well.

So what happens when we train predominantly the muscles which work to produce straight line, sagittal plane movements? They become the ones which get worked hardest and develop strongest, leaving the muscles which get loaded more effectively through rotation and lateral movement (yet are responsible for providing stability as we run and cycle) to remain weak and [d]econditioned.

I strongly believe dancing is good for everybody, and it’s so much fun I don’t even realize it’s a workout. I have an old video here of myself and a group of other BODYJAM instructors performing. I’m the one on the left with hair in a pouf. πŸ™‚

BODYJAM is the ultimate dance party workout; I’ve written about BODYJAM before and the benefits I derive from teaching and doing it (see my posts about my marathon training and how I train).

Partyology on September 21
Partyology on September 21

This Saturday, I’m so glad to be up onstage dancing again at PARTYOLOGY: The Chronicles of Dance happening on September 21, 5-8pm at Republiq Club. It’s a BODYJAM dance marathon open to all dance and fitness fanatics! Tickets are available at all Fitness First branches and at Republiq gates.

It’s time to party!

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