Long Runs in the (BG)City

I used to live in Quezon City, but most of my run training occurred in BGC, a 45-minute drive on a good day. So I thought that when I moved to Pasig City, I’d be closer to BGC and hence could train more regularly since it would be just a short hop from my condo to those stomping grounds.

Guess what? I moved in May, but only did my first run in BGC last night. Way to go, Noelle. I’ve been contenting myself with short runs on gym treadmills and brick sessions after bike training in MOA. But since it’s crunch time for marathon training, I really needed to put in the effort to do a long run.

I used to have closed-off streets with nary a stoplight or a car in sight. Now all the roads are open and passable. McKinley Hill is also very congested with vehicle traffic these days. When I ended my run, my skin felt grainy from dust and whatever else those tailpipes had been expelling into the air.

What I liked about last night: bumping into my old running friends, encountering the odd runner also making their way to McKinley, seeing a running clinic happening at BHS, and getting a free drink of water at Riovana. Some things change. The joy of running remains the same. 🙂

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Noelle De Guzman is a freelance writer and recreational athlete with over 12 years of experience in wellness and endurance sport. She believes sport and an active healthy lifestyle changes lives.

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