Road to SuBIT Week 12: I’m Not Ready

This is the part I start panicking. I’ve always assumed that SuBIT would keep the flat bike course that age groupers have used for the past two years, but given that the swim has been moved back to the former Dungaree Beach (now ACEA) and given the whole retro theme that’s been going on, they’ve gone back to the classic bike course that puts athletes on the hilly road towards Ocean Adventure before sending them down to the false flats of the commercial district.

I’ve done SuBIT on this course before, and it was painful stuff when I was much fitter. I shudder to think of how slowly I’ll slog up the hills now, not to mention how slowly I’ll ride down the technical descents. I need to get up to Subic to familiarize myself with this course once again, but I’ve really not given myself enough time for this. Continue reading “Road to SuBIT Week 12: I’m Not Ready”

Road to SuBIT, Week 1: #BalikSubit

January’s almost over, and I’ve already decided on what are going to be the big races for me this year. While I wouldn’t rule out a destination marathon later this year, I’m building my year-round fitness on getting triathlon-ready.

I’ve missed two Subic Bay International Triathlon races in a row, so I decided to sign up for it. SuBIT happens on April 29-30, 2017 in the country’s tri capital, Subic Bay. I took advantage of the early bird rate, which ends on February 16. Sign up now!

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My Travel Running Essentials

I think I’ve gotten packing down to a science. I certainly got plenty of practice this first half of the year with four trips in the last three months!

Whatever the trip, my suitcase isn’t complete without running gear. I love the adventure of exploring new places on foot, and as a runner there will always be time for a run.

Simple Hydration bottle
Boat Quay, Singapore

Kikay Runner 2015
Bangtao Beach, Phuket, Thailand

A Pedestrienne in Bavaria
the Danube, Regensburg, Germany

That doesn’t mean I just go off running willy-nilly, especially if I’m running by myself. That’s why aside from running shoes and clothes, I always bring certain essentials when running in new places. Continue reading “My Travel Running Essentials”

Atleta Ako Women’s Aquathlon

How can you not show up to a race when all the women athletes you know will be there? That question I had no easy answer to, so I had to turn up!

The Atleta Ako Women’s Aquathlon yesterday drew people from across the running and multisport community to the PhilSports Arena. And it wasn’t just us women; despite this being a women-only race, the gents were around, volunteering and supporting.

My Endure teammate Hanna Sanchez was doing the Petite category (300m swim-3.2km run), our K-Endure Chelo Neri was participating in her first aquathlon in the 11-12 kids category (200m swim-1.6km run), and I was signed up for the Standard distance (500m swim-6km run).

Atleta Ako Aquathlon
The Atleta Ako Aquathlon was for every woman. (photo by proud daddy Al Neri)

There were about 250 women registered for this race, which is quite a lot considering multisport (and to a lesser extent running) is still male-dominated. I can’t tell you how many races I’ve done where the women’s race seems to play second-fiddle to the men’s race, how because we’re usually the last wave to be let loose, there are so few spectators left out on the course when we women are finishing up. Continue reading “Atleta Ako Women’s Aquathlon”

Atleta Ako Women’s Aquathlon on March 22

I have always advocated that more women get into a fit and active lifestyle, and what better way to get your feet wet than at an aquathlon!

The Atleta Ako Women’s Aquathlon to be held on March 22, 2015 at the Philsports Complex (formerly ULTRA) is an all-women’s race designed to bring women of different ages and backgrounds together to empower them and celebrate a more active lifestyle. And it’ll be held during Women’s Month, too. ;)

Come join me; there’s something for every woman!

Atleta Ako Women's Aquathlon on March 22
Atleta Ako Women’s Aquathlon on March 22

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Are You the Atleta Ako Woman?

At one point or another you may have seen me tweet or post about Atleta Ako, a soon-to-be-launched online store that’s the brainchild of Pinay Ironmom Ces Hufana. They carry the following accessory and apparel brands: Headsweats caps and visors, RunningSkirts shorts, skirts, and compression socks, SOAS premium tri apparel, EZ laces, and Flipbelt.

Atleta Ako online store

With the demise of the store G-Stop where active females like myself used to shop, Atleta Ako will be my go-to online store. Shopping at their booths at TRIpalooza last year and the IM70.3 expo in July I absolutely drooled over the nyort-nyorts from RunningSkirts.

Atleta Ako is where I got this cute Headsweats visor with a unique design for Ironman 70.3 Cebu!

Ironman 70.3 Cebu
with Pinay Ironmom Ces!

Prior to the launch of the Atleta Ako online store, they are now looking for their Atleta Ako ambassador!

The Atleta Ako woman must be:

  • fit. Duh!
  • 18-60 years old. Age doesn’t matter, as long as you feel great and confident :)
  • not the usual “X-factor”. They’re not looking for model types, but rather real people, real athletes. The kind of people who walk into your gym or you see training out on the road.
  • definitely into her sport for the past 2 years. Swimming, biking, running, surfing, Crossfit, Zumba… Do you love it and live it? Then you’re perfect!
  • not a professional athlete/coach. Apparently, I don’t qualify. But I know you do ;)

Atleta Ako ambassador

To apply, please send the following to, or drop it off at the Atleta Ako office (4th Floor Aguirre Bldg. 812 Arnaiz Avenue Makati 1200, phone (02) 7529087):

  • full body photo – arms and legs visible
  • close up shot, smiling necessary
  • a brief “tell me about yourself” with information on how long you have been in your sport
  • birthdate and contact details

You may also recommend an applicant (with her permission, of course!). Deadline for submission is September 30, 2014!

Chosen Atleta Ako ambassadors will receive a token and items from Atleta Ako and be featured on the Atleta Ako website.

For more information about Atleta Ako, check out their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Page.