Wearing Masks for Outdoor Exercise: My Experience

Back in mid-May I started wearing face masks while exercising outdoors. While it was a bit of a slog at first, I think I’ve found my stride with being able to breathe properly while putting in some exertion. (The first time I ran with a mask on, I really felt super faint after 3K!)

I wanted to show the kinds of masks I’ve worn so far, and my experiences with each. Check out my vlog below for the full video:

I started out wearing buffs from Headware because I hadn’t built up my mask arsenal yet, but I found they just wouldn’t stay up over my nose and mouth because my ears and nose don’t stick out enough for the buff to latch onto them.

We have a lot of surgical/medical masks at home, and they’re actually the most breathable I’ve found, especially because they hold their own shape and don’t easily stick to my nostrils when I inhale. The main problem with them is that they are single-use, and the ear loops can break very easily.

The masks I currently use for running come from Headsweats (via Atleta Ako) and Ahon. They’re made out of tech fabric so they wick sweat away to evaporate very easily, and they don’t keep heat and moisture trapped so it doesn’t feel like a swamp inside. I do use a hack to keep the material away from my nose and mouth: I’ve repurposed the cage/scaffold from a different mask to prop the fabric away, because if I don’t the fabric blocks my airways and makes me feel suffocated. (I still am getting enough oxygen, but it is definitely not a great feeling to suck cloth in!)

What spurred this vlog was my recent purchase of the Under Armour sportsmask. Despite its high price, I realised I’m still on the lookout for a mask that won’t hamper my run performance. The reviews are wildly across the board, so I guess I will have to make my own conclusions when the UA sportsmask arrives at my doorstep and I can go take it on a run.

Other countries don’t require people to wear masks while exercising outdoors, but mine does so I have to follow the law of the land. If doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals can work all day wearing masks and full PPE, I can wear a mask while exercising for an hour.

What mask do you wear for outdoor exercise?

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