No-Bounce Big Pockets with the Flipbelt Running Shorts

I like to run light, but for me it’s important to bring some necessities: my smartphone, a form of ID, money, and nutrition for longer runs. Most of my running shorts don’t have pockets — or if they do, anything I put in them bounces around too much. That’s why I always wear a Flipbelt.

I have noticed though that my smaller Flipbelts like to sit high at my natural waist, while some of my shorts and tights ride lower. So I usually end up with a gap between the two; while that’s bearable, it’s still annoying. (I usually solve this by wearing high-waist shorts/tights.) Enter the new Flipbelt Running Shorts, now available on Atleta Ako.

I got a pair of the Flipbelt Running Shorts in advance to try out, and you know what? I’m absolutely in love. Watch my vlog about it here, or scroll on for some more info.

It is exactly what you think it is: a pair of running shorts with a Flipbelt as the waistband. The rear of the Flipbelt has a zippered compartment, while the front has two pocket slits through which you can slip items into the large front compartment. It also has a key hook so you can keep your keys safe.

The shorts themselves are made of lightweight, sweat-wicking material. They have an attached inner liner (underpants style) so you don’t need to wear special underpants. On me, the length is quite flattering; it ends at the widest part of my thighs, so it makes my legs look longer.

Unlike the usual Flipbelt which you can wear pockets outward or inward and the zip compartment to the back or the front, the attached Flipbelt cannot be rotated or flipped reverse. But that’s a small price to pay when I can feel this sleek and streamlined instead of wearing so many different things around my waist and hips.

The FlipBelt Running Short is now available on Atleta Ako for P2,450.

Follow @flipbeltph and @atletaako on Instagram. Also, don’t miss the Flipbelt 11.11 bundle which will give you up to P500 off. I think it’ll be a great gift to yourself or a special sporty pal in time for Christmas.

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Noelle De Guzman is a freelance writer and recreational athlete with over 12 years of experience in fitness and endurance sport. She believes sport and an active healthy lifestyle changes lives.

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