Vote #NNFitspirationNoelle at the Nuffnang Awards!

I’ve been nominated as BEST FITNESS BLOG at the Nuffnang Awards!

I am just so amazed at how a little blog like mine that started as a marathon training log has grown into something greater that gets people moving. Whenever someone tells me they read my blog and have been inspired to get fit by it, I tell myself, “That’s one more person living more fully.”

As always with blog awards, there’s voting to help decide who wins. And to help you decide to vote for me, let me ask you a question:

Has Noelle and her blog helped you take a step towards getting fit?

If I’ve helped you make a difference in any way in your life, then please vote for me at the Nuffnang Awards! Here’s how:

Vote on Twitter

You can tweet and retweet using my hashtag #NNFitspirationNoelle and #Blogopolis4D. All tweets and retweets with my name and hashtags will be counted at the end of the voting period. (Please make sure your Twitter account is set to Public.)

Click on this button below to tweet and vote.

You can also go to my Twitter account and retweet any of my tweets with the hashtags #NNFitspirationNoelle and #Blogopolis4D.

Vote on Facebook

Voting on Facebook is a little more complicated. You need to post a status update with my hashtag #NNFitspirationNoelle and #Blogopolis4D. (Your status update also needs to be set to Public. Here’s how to do that.)

I want to make it easier for you, so just select and copy this message below:

Kikay Runner is my Fitspiration #NNFitspirationNoelle #Blogopolis4D

Then, click this Share button below and paste the above message into the status box.


Click “Post to Facebook”.

You can also like my post about the Nuffnang Blog Awards on my Facebook Page.

Vote on Instagram

Vote on Instagram by using my hashtag #NNFitspirationNoelle and #Blogopolis4D in any Instagram post.

Or, you can save this photo to your smartphone:

Noelle De Guzman Best Fitness Blog Nuffnang Awards

Select and copy this message below:

Kikay Runner is my Fitspiration #NNFitspirationNoelle #Blogopolis4D

Open your Instagram app and post the photo you saved with the above message as the caption.

You can also navigate to my Instagram account and like my post there with the above photo and regram/repost it from there.

That was fun. Let’s do it again! (And again, and again…) :P One post = one vote.

The Nuffnang Awards will be presented at Blogopolis on February 27. Blogopolis is the biggest blog and social media conference held annually by Nuffnang Philippines. To find out more about Blogopolis, visit the website

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