I’m Going to The Maze Challenge Asia!

There are only so many weekends in a year, and it just so happens this weekend seems to be preferred by a bunch of sporty events. There’s the International Premier Tennis League (Maria Sharapova! Andy Murray! TENNIS OMG), tickets for which I was ready to sell a body part for until I remembered I had signed up for the Bataan International Triathlon also happening this weekend. And then there’s also The Maze Challenge Asia.

The Maze Challenge Asia
The Maze Challenge Asia in Sepang, Malaysia on November 29-30

I really wanted to be fitter for Bataan, but a series of illnesses hit me since I got back into training. When Nuffnang offered me the opportunity to travel and do something different, I saw it as a sign.

Nuffnang is the official online partner for The Maze Challenge Asia and is sending two bloggers from Thailand, two from Singapore, one from Australia, and two from the Philippines to experience this unique event. My partner from the Philippines is none other than my good friend Jinoe Gavan from TAKBO.PH!

We hope our running fitness and street smarts can help us navigate the 7,700-square meter maze with all its military-styled obstacles. The goal is to tackle the obstacles and also the giant maze in the fastest time possible.

The Maze Challenge Asia is set to be the first of its kind in the world, and expects about 4,000 participants during its two-day run. It has been certified as the largest maze formation in Malaysia by the Malaysia Book of Records. Pretty cool to be part of history!

Sepang International Circuit, which is the temporary site of the maze, is home to the Formula 1 Malaysia Grand Prix as well as other car and motorcycle races. It’s also quite close to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (I land at Terminal 2) and our host hotel the Concorde Inn KLIA is just 12 minutes away. The city central of Kuala Lumpur is also just a short taxi ride away, so I’m hoping after the race to get away to see some friends I met at T*** Supercamp.

I can’t wait!

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