Noelle De Guzman, Kikay Runner, Mizuno Athlete

Good relationships last and grow stronger. I’ve been using Mizuno running shoes since almost the very beginning of my running days, and Mizuno has become part of my identity as a runner.

I’m thrilled to renew my contract and continue working with Mizuno for 2014-2015!

Noelle De Guzman, Kikay Runner, Mizuno athlete
with Mizuno Philippines marketing team Mikee Liwag and Aisha Reyes

From the Mizuno Philippines press release:

The star runner/tri-athlete/blogger is more famously known in the running community as Kikay Runner. She has been tearing through the running and triathlon scene since she started in 2010 and does not look to slow down as she continues placing in her recent string of races. Mizuno will take care of all her athletic shoe and apparel requirements.

Her weapon of choice has been the lightweight Mizuno Wave Sayonara and it comes in her signature color which is pink. She will be using the pair for her upcoming races in 2014.

Noelle had this to say about her re-signing: “Mizuno has always been there for me on my journey to be the best I can be. I’m with the brand that never settles!”

Digital Marketing Officer Mikee Liwag said, “She has great influence over the running community and what sets her apart from others is her competitive drive which we love here in Mizuno.”

I join fellow athletes like triathlon coach and adventure racer Coach Ige Lopez, volleyball player Rachel Anne Daquis, football players Marielle Benitez, Mark Hartmann, and Anton del Rosario, and Mizuno’s latest addition, champion triathlete Javier Gomez.

Thank you, Mizuno, for all your support and for believing in me.

Noelle De Guzman, Kikay Runner, Mizuno athlete
my weapon of choice is the Mizuno Wave Sayonara

Challenge Philippines: Lessons Learned

This is part of a series of posts in my special coverage of the inaugural Challenge Philippines. Check out my Road to Challenge Philippines, Race Diary Part 1, and Race Diary Part 2.

Challenge Philippines

Challenge Philippines Female 30-34 Age Group Result
placed 3rd in my age group

Before any race, every triathlete you ask will tell you that they harbor a feeling that they haven’t trained enough. It’s because this sport is like a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle, with each part shaped differently for each participant. Continue reading “Challenge Philippines: Lessons Learned”

Challenge Philippines: My Race Diary (Part 2)

This is part of a series of posts in my special coverage of the inaugural Challenge Philippines. Check out my Road to Challenge Philippines, Part 1 of this Race Diary, and Lessons Learned.

February 22 (Saturday): Race Morning

Woke up at 2:15am and was afraid to go back to sleep. We needed to start heading to Camayan by 4am because it’s quite a long drive, about 20 minutes from our hotel, Crownpeak Tiara. Transition opens at 5am and I always want to have a lot of time to prepare my transition area. Time flies faster when you’re fiddling with things, like putting shoes on the bike or pumping tires or laying out items in the transition box.

Challenge Philippines
I want to cross that finish line in a few hours’ time.

Continue reading “Challenge Philippines: My Race Diary (Part 2)”

Challenge Philippines: My Race Diary (Part 1)

This is part of a series of posts in my special coverage of the inaugural Challenge Philippines. Check out my Road to Challenge Philippines, Part 2 of this Race Diary, and Lessons Learned.

Words fail me when I try to sum up everything that happened at Challenge Philippines last February 22, 2014. I was there in many capacities: as a competing athlete, as a Challenge Philippines ambassador, as a blogger, and as a friend and teammate. So it was a very busy weekend for me! But I loved every minute of it. And this was the best part of it all:

Challenge Philippines
I finished Challenge Philippines!

To finish a race like this, which even the deep pro field couldn’t help describing as the toughest course they’ve ever done, that’s an achievement I’m proud to have under my belt. But I’m getting ahead of my story. Let me give you a peek of what those days were like. This is my Challenge Philippines race diary. Continue reading “Challenge Philippines: My Race Diary (Part 1)”

Road to Challenge Philippines

This is part of a series of posts in my special coverage of the inaugural Challenge Philippines. Check out Race Diary Part 1, Race Diary Part 2, and Lessons Learned.

It’s almost here: the culmination of months of training, foregoing partying over the holidays, asking myself numerous times if I’m crazy to be attempting this. Challenge Philippines.

Challenge Philippines

This is my second half-ironman distance triathlon, but the road to it has been different from the first one. It’s no longer just about preparing myself physically — that’s the easy part. It’s more about the mindset. Continue reading “Road to Challenge Philippines”

Support Michael Martinez

In a tropical country like the Philippines, competing at the Winter Olympics would seem like the farthest thing from a local athlete’s aspirations. Where here can you find snow, or ice, or anything naturally occurring that remotely resembles winter? But from his humble beginnings at a mall’s indoor ice skating rink to the world’s biggest stage, the journey of Michael Christian Martinez has shown that a Filipino can dream, believe, and achieve anything if he sets his heart and mind on it.

Michael Christian Martinez (AP file photo from
Michael Christian Martinez (AP file photo, from

Michael Martinez is the Philippines’ first homegrown representative to the Winter Olympics (previous representatives were based in other countries) and is also the first Southeast Asian Olympic figure skater. At the 2014 Sochi Olympics, he did so well in the short program that he qualified for the free skate and a shot at an Olympic medal. Although in the end he finished 19th, Michael is only 17 years old and has many more Olympics and other international competitions ahead of him. He can only get better. Reknowned figure skater Johnny Weir, a commentator at the Olympics, called Michael a “shining star of the future” and recognized that he could be a future Olympic champ.

However, Michael’s further development can only happen if he receives adequate support from both public and private sector. Yesterday, a group called GiftLauncher approached me and asked if I would help them raise funds for Michael’s upcoming competition at the World Junior Championships on March 10-16, 2014 in Bulgaria.

I am not an Olympic-caliber athlete, but I do know that it’s hard to finance training and participating in competitions — and funding an international one is even more daunting. The Giftlauncher website allows you to chip in whatever amount you’d like to help them reach their goal of P250,000 in 20 days. The whole amount raised will be turned over to Michael’s mother, Mrs. Teresa Martinez. She and the rest of her family work hard to scrape together the finances for Michael’s training and this crowdfunding effort will help them immensely.

If you donate through Giftlauncher, a standard banking fee is charged. If you need help in giving using GiftLauncher just email them at and they will be willing to guide you through the process! Check out the #SupportMichael wishlist here: Remember, no contribution is too small. Let’s support Michael as he continues to chase his dream.

Help spread the word! Tweet or share the wishlist on Facebook.

I Love… Food!

I can’t tell you how many times I’m out eating with my friends and someone inevitably brings up the topic of my diet. “Diba you don’t eat much rice? Don’t you eat only healthy food? So you don’t have dessert? Or you eat sweet/fatty stuff because you’re gonna burn it anyway?”

I love... Food!
healthy: yogurt and fruit. unhealthy: Fruit Loops. I ate both.

The word “diet” simply means the sum of food consumed by a person or organism. You can be on a weight-loss diet or a weight-gain diet or a maintenance diet; whatever you eat, that’s your diet.

I love... Food!
typical Pinoy diet: sweet tocino, rice, egg, and banana

The diet puzzle has been something I’ve been trying to solve for years, especially when I started battling weight problems in university. I’ve counted calories, gone vegetarian, gone low-carb… But one thing has always remained constant: I LOVE FOOD!

I love... Food!
Let’s eat! Continue reading “I Love… Food!”