My Happy Birthday Week

Tatt Awards 2013

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I’ve always developed quite early in almost everything: walking and talking before I turned a year old, graduating from school two years before everyone else my age did. The only thing I was a late bloomer at was sports. The Kikay Runner you know and (hopefully) love only came into full being when I was 27 years old. It’s been three years since then, so… I’m now 30.

Turning 30 is a milestone for a lot of people. There’s a Chinese saying, “At 30, one stands firm” (says Ang Lee); it’s either you make a change in your life, or commit to a course of action. I can’t see myself not being involved in the things I’m doing: writing, teaching, getting people to take up an active lifestyle that benefits them and the people they love. I am so blessed to be able to keep doing what I do, and I feel that this particular birthday was a celebration of that.

Here’s what kept me busy all of my birthday week.

I’m a member of MaccaX, which is a global online team of athletes (recreational to professional) mentored by Chris “Macca” McCormack and other coaches he works with. It’s a positive and affirming place to be, and I’ve been really inspired to train well in the last few weeks before Ironman 70.3 Philippines.

I woke up at 2:30am on Wednesday (the day before my birthday) to participate in a Spreecast or group video chat, and we were invited to submit questions to ask on air. Ironman 70.3 Philippines had just had its media launch and Macca’s participation had been confirmed. My friend Joel said that Macca was doing the race to study reigning champ Pete Jacobs, so I just asked if this were true. In reply, Chris said that he hates the heat and humidity and doing races with this sort of environment would help him prepare for another attempt in Kona for the Ironman World Championships.

You can watch the entire Spreecast below:

One of the reasons I decided to sign up for this year’s Ironman 70.3 Philippines is I wanted to celebrate my 30th birthday in a big way — in effect, what I would have spent for a birthday party, I spent on the registration fee and training expenses instead. It’s great to have two world champions (Macca and Pete Jacobs, current world champion) at my “birthday party”, which is exactly 30 days from my birthday. ;)

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one of the texts I received on my birthday

Later that day I participated in the Fitness & Athletics Indoor Duathlon, which I’ll write about in a later post. I was happy I got an intense workout in, especially since I’d be doing a lot of eating later on with my family at a pre-birthday steak dinner. Yum!

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with my mom, dad, and photobombers (bro-in-law and sis) Michael and Marielle

Most people would prefer to vegetate and relax on their birthday. I realized I was just a little bit nuts when I woke up excited to run. Well, I always look forward to Thursdays with these folks:

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my birthday posedown was the Gwiyomi

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we run.PH

On Friday night, the Tatt Awards 2013 came to its conclusion with the announcement of winners. It felt like I got thrown a nice birthday dinner (their lamb chops are ah-may-zing!) at the swanky Peninsula Manila with my blogger friends.

Tatt Awards 2013

Best Sports Blog finalists

Tatt Awards 2013

I’m in a dress and heels for a change!

Tatt Awards 2013

with one of my best blogger friends Tippy Go of Googly Gooeys

Tatt Awards 2013

group photo with Pong Go of Googly Gooeys, Jeff Lo of Pinoy Fitness, Jinoe Gavan of, Tin M. of Quorum Group, and fitness coach Chappy Callanta

The Best Sports Blog trophy went to, but I’m thankful for all those who voted for and supported Kikay Runner during the campaign period. Thanks for making Tatt Awards a success!

I concluded my birthday week with the adidas King of the Road 2013, which you can read about in the next post. I don’t think I could have celebrated my birthday any better.

Well, let’s see what happens on August 4!

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