The Next Step Tri Camp

Next Step Tri Camp: cycling suits!

There are seven weeks to go until the Subic Bay International Triathlon, where I’ve chosen to make my standard/Olympic distance debut (*gulp*). After a year in triathlon doing the short distances (minisprints and sprints), it’s time to level up. To use a running analogy, after 3K’s and 5K’s it’s time to do a 10K.

Tangent: yup, the Olympic distance is the triathlete’s 10K. If the full Ironman distance (4K swim, 180K bike, 42K run) is the pinnacle of triathlon achievement just like a marathon is for running, then the Ironman 70.3 (2K swim, 90K bike, 21K run) is the 21K. The Olympic distance is half that of a 70.3. Coincidentally, those are also the distances in their respective run legs.

I’ve had an extremely long tri off-season, though. After recovering from my elbow dislocation in July 2011, I just didn’t feel compelled to continue training as I did in the first half of that year. When I went into The Next Step Tri Camp 1 (Getting Started) last February 25-26, 2012, I hadn’t gotten on my bike in three months. I was also scheduled to attend Camp 2 (Sprint/Standard Weekend) two weeks later on March 10-11.

Next Step Tri Camp: cycling suits!

On this blog I’ve said before that I’m a big believer in training intensives: taking a whole day or two to focus solely on sport training. At the camp, our entire weekend was booked up with bike rides, runs, and swims. The lecture-type sessions between our exertions educated us on training with heart rate monitors and power meters, proper running posture and technique, getting a good bike fit (especially for those with tri bikes), hydrating well, and using recovery products.

The lecture sessions were short and sweet to give enough time to the training sessions, which were what I had signed up specifically for. Camp 1’s swim, bike, and run sessions reawakened my desire to train. Camp 2 kept my momentum going but challenged my fitness further, since it was specifically geared to help us prepare for a sprint or a standard distance. (Unfortunately, I was sick on the Camp 2 weekend, which meant I had to do less, at a lower intensity.)

Anyway here are some photos and videos of the two weekends. They were unforgettable and I learned a lot. Now I’m fired up to train harder!


Next Step Tri Camp: swim time!
Next Step Tri Camp: pool practice

Next Step Tri Camp: Coach Ani underwater

mass start open water entry and exit


Next Step Tri Camp: hot bike ride
Next Step Tri Camp: Retul
Next Step Tri Camp: Camp 1 Endure contingent


Next Step Tri Camp: after running

Next Step Tri Camp: post-brick

The next camp is in June and is focused on longer triathlon distances. If you’re registered for Cebu Ironman 70.3, this would be a great way of checking your fitness up against like-minded triathletes in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Check out The Next Step Tri website for more details.

There will also be a beginner’s camp on October 13-14, open exclusively for registrants of Tri United races this year (there will be a short-distance Tri United on November 10-11), so if you’re thinking of doing tri for the first time this year, that tri camp will be suited to your needs. It’s Triathlon 101 for those new to the sport and want practical lessons in swimming, biking, running, transitions, nutrition, etc.

Mang-iinggit pa ako… Check out this video from Camp 2. Pico de Loro is beautiful and a great place to do tri training. Hope to see you at the next camps! Ü

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