“I Run Like a Girl” Shirts Now Available

In popular culture we’ve probably run across this phrase more than once: “YOU RUN LIKE A GIRL.” It’s a negative use of the word “girl” that connotes slowness, daintiness, and a funny gait. But we know better; we know that girls and women can be great runners. Regardless of speed and distance, every girl who runs is a strong, powerful individual who can make things happen.

Just like the Spice Girls who inspired a whole generation with “Girl Power”, it’s time to reclaim running like a girl and make it ours!

Be proud to run like a girl and wear it on your sleeve — or in this case, on your shirt. Introducing “I RUN LIKE A GIRL” shirts from the Kikay Runner shop on Multiply:

I Run Like a Girl shirt from Kikay Runner

Made of 100% cotton, this shirt is perfect for wearing after a race or a workout. Available in sizes SMALL, MEDIUM, or LARGE at P250 in limited quantities. Multiply also has a free shipping promo until January 31, 2012 (for a P400 shopping cart total), so order now. :D

order your I RUN LIKE A GIRL shirt today!

Looking Forward to Unilab Active Health Events

Earlier this month, someone tagged me in the Unilab Active Health update about their 2012 Calendar of Activities. I suddenly got really excited about my year because I’m looking forward to the Run United series and have also decided to train with my buddy Joel for their first marathon event on October 28.

Unilab Active Health Events 2012
Unilab Active Health Events 2012

While the Run United Philippine Marathon is the most noticeable change from previous Run United events by Unilab Active Health, what caught my triathlete’s eye are the Tri United events. Yes, EVENTS. From just ONE Tri United held every year since 2010, there will now be THREE.

Cross-referencing this with the Triathlon Association of the Philippines list of events, the April 14-15 Tri United in Batangas may conflict with the NAGT to be held at Ayala Alabang Village. The June 30 Tri United is on the TRAP list, and the November 10-11 Tri United is on the same dates as the Multisport Weekend and the Philippine Duathlon Series finals. This is going to be an exciting growth year for triathlon!

UPDATE 02/01/2012: I’ve just seen the reg fees for RU1 on the RunRio website, and they’re approximately P200 more expensive than their prices last year per category. I hope there’s a reasonable explanation for this, but meanwhile I’m reassessing whether I should register for RU1 since I’m not training for anything specific that warrants a race on that date.

Timex Run 2012: My Comedy of Errors

I learned a few lessons yesterday at the Timex Run 2012, mostly in how not to prepare for a race. This was supposed to be a tune-up race, and boy, did it re-calibrate me!

Timex Run 2012
frazzled and tired (photo by May Quezon)

  1. Prepare everything beforehand. I usually get all my running gear ready the night before, and that’s exactly what I tried to do. I even hopped over to RUNNR BGC to restock on Gu gels, which I ran out of over the holidays. I thought I was all set, but I misplaced my favorite pair of Mizuno running shorts. I spent three hours chasing it down within my closets, to no avail. I eventually settled for a different pair of shorts, but even as I lay in bed my brain kept obsessing over those shorts. In short (pun intended), I fell asleep at around 11:30pm.
  2. Get a good night’s sleep. Aside from falling asleep late, I hadn’t been sleeping well for the past few weeks, so I’d accumulated a huge sleep debt. Do you know that feeling of being tired, but excessive thinking keeps your eyes open? I was having that kind of sleep problem.
  3. Wake up early, have breakfast, get ready. I set my alarm for 3:30 so I could reasonably be up and about by 4am. This is where everything went to pieces. I did wake up, but I started fiddling with my BlackBerry and lay back down to allow a Facebook comment to load. The next thing I knew, it was 5:10am and I had to be at BGC for the 10K’s 5:30am gunstart.
  4. Be on time for the gunstart. That was the fastest I’d ever gotten to BGC. Considering my house is often 30 minutes away due to traffic, blessings like stoplights going green in sequence and very few cars on the road shaved my travel time down to 15 minutes. Still not enough to beat the gunstart. After finding parking in an unlikely place, I climbed over a few fences just to get to the starting line right before the 5K gunstart.
  5. Reset the Garmin. I knew I couldn’t trust the finish clock to give me an accurate record of my run so I hit my Garmin’s start button when I left the start chute. But when I checked my Garmin I realized I hadn’t reset it to zero. It was counting my mileage upwards from the last race I’d done. Eek!

So there I was on the route, running on a Gu gel and 200ml of Lightwater. I had to hope Timex Run logistics were up to par with their previous record in 2009. Continue reading “Timex Run 2012: My Comedy of Errors”

It’s a Runner’s World Out There

Today exactly two years ago, KikayRunner.com was born. (How cool is it that my blog’s anniversary is 01/21/2012?) In the same year, Runner’s World Philippines started out as a quarterly supplement to Men’s Health and Women’s Health. Look where we are now: RW is now a stand-alone quarterly magazine, and KikayRunner.com is featured in its January-March 2012 issue!

Runners World Jan-Mar 2012
What an honor to be on the inside pages of the issue featuring my tri-idol, Noy Jopson!

I met RW’s editor-in-chief Marie Calica at a Godiva pictorial in 2010. She was my makeup artist! The multitalented Marie is also beauty editor for Women’s Health and an instructor at Barre3 (a ballet, yoga, and Pilates fusion workout at The Spa). She’s a woman I look up to, so I think it’s very fitting she’s our featured anniversary interview.

Marie Calica
I stole this photo off her Facebook wall.

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Todo na Todo Responde Run

We usually think smaller races aren’t as well-organized as the larger ones backed by huge marketing budgets, but I’m really glad I participated in last Saturday’s Todo Responde Run. Aside from benefiting two worthy causes (Sendong victims and Baby Raphael), it also showed what the running community can do in a very short amount of time by working together. Todo na todo talaga!

Todo Responde Run
Todo Responde Run

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