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Hello readers. You may have noticed that big banner at the top of my blog, and might be wondering, “What in the world is 2-1-1 Recovery, and how does KIKAYRUNNER use it? What’s a recovery drink, anyway?”

Basically, 2-1-1 Recovery is a powdered drink that is a combination of different kinds of carbohydrates (fast-release and slow-release) plus protein. it’s designed to aid the body in recovering after strenuous workouts – and as we all know, long-distance running is very strenuous.

Apart from the microtears that form in muscles every time we exercise, the muscle protein usage during long runs also cause muscle soreness. When we run, our body uses sugars in the blood stream and glycogen stored in the muscles and liver for fuel. The body can only store approximately enough glycogen for a 32-kilometer run, at which point the body starts breaking down muscle protein and fat for energy (a phenomenon known as “The Wall”).

You can manage post-workout/post-race muscle soreness with proper nutrition before the workout/race, making sure that glycogen reserves are full so that your body isn’t forced to break down your muscle protein for energy (or begins to do so at a later time). After the workout/race, you’ll also need to replenish your body’s energy quickly. A mixture of carbohydrates and protein in liquid form (such as ON 2:1:1 Recovery) are easily absorbed by your body and will aid in repairing muscle damage; your body will use the protein to rebuild your muscles and make them stronger.

One of the most striking ways 2-1-1 Recovery helped me recover was for the Men’s Health All-Terrain Race. I had a 19-kilometer run on the Friday before the race. By drinking 2-1-1 Recovery after my long run, I had no muscle soreness on Saturday, and I was able to race and win the Men’s Health 6K on Sunday.

I’ve also mentioned using 2-1-1 Recovery for my Nature Valley 21K and Milo 42K as part of a breakfast shake before the race. (This is on top of being well-fed and hydrated the previous night.)

2-1-1 Recovery was a vital part of my marathon preparations. Once I kick into serious training for the December 12 Milo marathon final, you can bet I’ll be chugging it down after my runs.

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  1. Hi Arianne and Lonerunner, Optimum Nutrition products are available from Chris Sports. Smaller supplement shops may have some of the ON products as well.

    Mike, I think the website is down temporarily. It’s an outside link so I don’t have any control over it.

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