Lactacyd Team Woman Run: The Kikay Relay

It’s exciting to see many different kinds of races available these days: trail runs, building run-ups, and now relays!

The Lactacyd Team Woman Run on June 27 at McKinley Hill is an all-woman relay race for teams of three to four women between 18 to 35 years old. (UPDATE: the website does not state an age limit. My initial information came from their press release, which must have been erroneous.) Continue reading “Lactacyd Team Woman Run: The Kikay Relay”

Men’s Health All-Terrain Race

My hosting job with Runnerspeak has its perks, not least of which is gaining (free) entry to the biggest races. Yesterday, my job took me to Nuvali, Laguna to participate in the Men’s Health All-Terrain Race. This was a trail run and bike event, offering 6K, 10K, and 16K distances for the run, and 20K and 40K for the bike. For those crazy people who wanted an offroad duathlon experience, there was a combined 10K run/20K bike category.

Men's Health All-Terrain Race: On the Job
attacking Men’s Health editor-in-chief Agu Paiso with my mic

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Adidas Originals Street Party

Streets aren’t just for runners; we share them with so many other people as well. Last May 7, the Adidas Originals street party at Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill celebrated the streets as the birthplace of authentic pop culture — art, dance, music, and sport.

It was a warm and nearly windless night, but spirits were kept high by the free-flowing food and drinks and great music.

Adidas Originals Street Party: Hey DJAdidas Originals Street Party: Shots Shots Shots
Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot! Everybody!

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Trek the TEC: A New Runner’s High

Not to be disgusting, but I’ve been nursing an infected wound on the back of my ankle for the past four weeks. It’s been like that because I never gave it enough time to heal before I started wearing shoes again. Anyway, last week I started taking antibiotics and had the wound drained. It would have been an activity-free weekend for me — if I hadn’t told Mr. F a few weeks ago I’d do the Trek the TEC building run-up with him. I figured that if I bandaged my wound enough, I could make it through the 90 floors we’d be climbing. Besides, it’s the first such event in the country and I wanted to be part of history.

Trek the TEC: Two Towers
Them towers sure are high, though.

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