Color Manila Nite Run on August 30

I’ve always supported Color Manila events because they capture people who wouldn’t normally find themselves on the starting line of a run. As the runners I know have matured into hardcore marathoners, ultrarunners, and triathletes, it’s important to remember the simple magic of running when we were newbies: arriving with friends, snapping photos while running at the so-called “picture pace”, with nobody constantly asking how fast you went or if you won, just that you were out there doing something healthy for yourself for a change.

Color Manila Nite Run

With the success of Color Manila Run and Color Manila Nite Run in Manila and provincial legs, of course the organizers Proactive wanted to take it up a notch. The Color Manila Nite Run on August 30 at Filinvest City, Alabang will feature glow paint and black light on the course, which will add a new dimension to the experience.

Check out some video from the first Color Manila Nite Run last year:

Even during the first Color Manila Nite Run, people were already looking for glow paint, but the organizers were hesitant due to safety concerns. Would it be OK to put on skin or splashed into people’s eyes or mouths? Proactive has partnered with Raveolution, which imports the glow paint from the UK and has already used the product in a major dance party with much success. Raveolution will also provide the post-race music and entertainment, so it’s going to be a night to remember and enjoy with your friends.

Registration is ongoing at For a flate rate of P850, run 3K, 5K, or 10K and receive a Color Manila Nite Run Glow Paint Edition singlet, glow sticks and glow glasses, race bib, and guaranteed finisher’s medal. (This is a non-timed event, so take your time on the course and really party!) Race kit claiming and expo is on August 28, 29, and 30 at the Filinvest Tent in Alabang.

Who wants to win entry to Color Manila Nite Run Glow Paint Edition? I have one prepaid card you can use to pay for your race entry. How do you get it? Here are the mechanics:

Color Manila Nite Run Glow Paint Edition Contest Mechanics

  1. Comment below to answer the question: What is the most fun experience you’ve had with your friends?
  2. One entry per person.
  3. The most entertaining entry wins the prepaid card!
  4. Contest starts today, August 20, until August 24. The winner will be announced over Facebook, Twitter, and notified through email.

Color Manila Nite Run glow sticks

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Noelle De Guzman is a freelance writer and recreational athlete with over 12 years of experience in fitness and endurance sport. She believes sport and an active healthy lifestyle changes lives.

10 thoughts on “Color Manila Nite Run on August 30

  1. My most memorable fun experience I had with my friends is how we cherish each moment being together especially during our Fun Run Event Last Color Manila Run 2014. The fun and the wild things that we had (running while throwing color powders at each other and dance at the festivity program) makes it the most memorable ever.

  2. Fun to me is when me and my 17 friends stayed in pangasinan for 3 days in a small bamboo house in the middle of rice fields with no electricity and just a hole for our cr, i dont know where our poop goes and it is only covered by sacks so everybody knows who is using the cr because our head is exposed.

  3. My memorable and funny moment is when my friend vomit to the front of the anchor’s away ride. it is really funny because he didn’t expect that he will vomit to him. The other memorable moment when he picture his self in the road there are some people are crying because of the dead of love ones we just notice it after he capture his selfie

  4. It’s when you have a big problem and you don’t know what to do, you go to your friends to ask for their comfort and advice but what they’re going to do is laugh at you and will crack a joke. Instead you cry because of the pain, tears fall down because of joy. Thankful that I still have friends who is always there to make me smile and laugh despite my problems. Truly, friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget.

  5. I am an Arnis varsity and lucky that God gave me skills and talent that will put me on top on some of the Arnis Invitational Tournament. There comes a time that I needed to defend my Championship title, friends and teammates came. They cheer and shouted out loud. I was so lucky to have a circle of friends who tolerates my successes and overlooks my failures. I won the match and they even carried my along the way. My coaches were also proud of me, my school, my parents and of course my friends.

  6. Most fun experience with friends? Of course our 1st run the free of charge Hyundai Run for a Causeof 2012. We enjoyed the 5km run from starting line up to finish plus our photo ops in every km marker & u-turn. We loved fire fighter truck shower few meters to finish line. We so much enjoyed the after run party party with stunts of different pep squads. We like to #tbt those pics because that we’re not wearing running clothes, Basketball shorts & casual rubber shoes.

  7. The most fun experiences for me usually come from crazy travel adventures (or sometimes mishaps):
    IE. Running along the length of NAIA 2 to catch a plane while trying to finish sandwiches fr a lounge located on the other extreme end of our departure gate. We were not spared the embarrassment of having our names announced throughout the airport either.
    IE. Upon arrival travelling straight to the beach on an impromptu decision to join another grp of friends, to jumping off mini cliffs at a river and bathing underneath a waterfall the next day (all of us have never experienced 3 diff water bodies within a span of 48 hours)
    IE. Deciding to meet at a hard-to-find spa fr separate locations – turned out to be a goose chase after friends on a tuktuk. I was on a rented bike and another friend was running to catch up to them. It was really funny since those on the tuktuk just randomly passed by a lost me on one road and the other lost runner friend on another road on the way to the crazy-hard-to-find-spa. Even sillier

  8. most fun experience with my friends?
    Ang planong summer-outing nagiging drawing, ang umagang jogging nagiging indianan! Ang planong malling, nagiging drinking! Masaya talaga ang araw pag kaibigan ang laging kasama.

  9. What is the most fun experience you’ve had with your friends?

    My most fun experience I’ve had so far was during the MILO Apex Running Clinic last April to July this year (Season 8) which I shared with my fellow runners from different walks of life. And aside from learning a lot during our training, I also gained a lot of new friends! It’s a very good thing to know that there are a lot of people I get to know who shares the same thoughts and feelings about running, who also shares the joy and pain of training for our best half marathon we are aiming to have. The joy of camaraderie and support you get and give to each other every time we have those what we call “wasakan” workouts and LSDs. What made it the most memorable was the priceless moment I witnessed as each of my friends crossed that finish line. Those hardwork really paid off! Unfortunately, I got injured during the training period so I didn’t get the chance to join the race but I volunteered instead and luckily I was assigned at the finish area for the 21k!

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