Free Race Kits for the Quezon City International Marathon

Still haven’t registered for the Quezon City International Marathon happening on December 4, 2011? Well, now you can run this race for free! I am giving out 100 free kits for my blog readers courtesy of the Executive Runners Club Philippines, Inc. (RUNNEX)

These free kits come with bib, event shirt, and when you finish the race you will also be entitled to the finishers’ kits. They are, however, not eligible for the SMDC Condominium raffle prize draw.

All you have to do is fill out the form below before 12nn on Friday, December 2. First-come, first-served!

If you’re joining, read up about the Quezon City International Marathon. Familiarize yourself with the race routes, and enjoy your free race!

UPDATE #1: All my 100 slots have been filled. If your name is in the list below, you have qualified for the QCIM free race kit. To those who submitted a little too late, my apologies. Check out my blog roll for other bloggers who may also be giving out kits. Thanks!

Recipients of free QCIM race kits  

  1. Jos Nieva
  2. Patrick John Z. Alfonso
  3. Angel Kenneth Abalos
  4. Farida de la Cruz
  5. Frederick Cruz
  6. Araciel M. Mendoza
  7. Maria Janel C. Ecija
  8. Genesis M. Senorin
  9. Jeffrey Balane
  10. Raul Gorospe
  11. Kimpee (NO LAST NAME)
  12. Leo Manalaysay
  13. Joshua Felix S. Tadena
  14. Aloha Olivar
  15. Karl Miguel H. Cruz
  16. Marco Orlina
  17. Edgar Olivar
  18. Jack Aquino
  19. Enrico Aricheta
  20. Aylyn Vista
  21. Allan Luna
  22. Arthur R. Villafuerte
  23. Christopher Pimentel
  24. Isabel Anne V. Mendoza
  25. Benjamin Cua Jr.
  26. Glenn Sy
  27. Precious Anne Natata
  28. Ericson Echaluce
  29. Erwin Domingo
  30. Arriane G. Custodio
  31. Jessica Leia Carpio
  32. Marilyn Guilas
  33. Lance Luna
  34. Keo Paolo U. Saulog
  35. Ryan Santos
  36. Jean Baylon Buenviaje
  37. Cristina Chuah
  38. Rhozallino Ramones
  39. Angelyn Calabano
  40. Engelbert Guinto
  41. Aries Dela Vega
  42. Ruben delos Reyes
  43. Jeffrey Garcia
  44. Paul Famador
  45. Resly George Amador
  46. Mar Ben Rey Bactol
  47. Andrew Pocholo P. Abalajon
  48. Wilma Hidalgo
  49. Julie Anne Rualo
  50. Richard N. Loma
  51. Kyvin Nucom
  52. Ricardo Esmilla
  53. Andrian Villanueva
  54. Alyssa Damian
  55. Jayson Escobar
  56. Alejandrio Placiente
  57. Camille Quiambao
  58. Mirjam (NO LAST NAME)
  59. Ariel Medina
  60. Dante Conde
  61. Gilbert Sy
  62. Mary Jomelle Briones
  63. Jay Richmond Galvez
  64. Wenzi Jeanne F. Martinez
  65. Ryan Valdez
  66. Francisca Umayam
  67. Ryan Vista
  68. Leon Tayson
  69. Marianne Riziella Escobar
  70. Ronaldo A. Batan
  71. Mylene Zorilla
  72. Severino Ramos
  73. Jose Mari Molejon
  74. BabyRuth Vista
  75. Ruzette Macahia
  76. Christopher Cagol
  77. Jeffrey Ablang
  78. Christopher Guilas
  79. Roberto Santos Abillon
  80. Carolyn Labit
  81. Nestor O. Mijares, Jr.
  82. Marilou Ting
  83. Mark Joseph Fernandez
  84. Ben Silao
  85. Lalaine Salibio
  86. Harold Iniego
  87. Ma. Cristina Tayson
  88. Amador Paclibon
  89. Charlie Ting
  90. Redel Correa
  91. Jinky Mijares
  92. Wilma Hidalgo
  93. Catherine Ghizelle Mariano
  94. Rej Lester Villaluna
  95. Jody Saynes
  96. Teresa Noche
  97. Mark Janrich G. Amarante
  98. Ronnie Gamo
  99. Erwin Hidalgo
  100. Randy Cabanero

UPDATE #2: According to Sir Rene Jazzrunner’s post, winners may claim their race packets this Saturday, 3 December 2011, at the 3rd Floor Bahay ng Alumni Bldg., University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City. If your last name starts with the letters A to N, claiming is from 9am to 1pm. If your last name starts with O to Z, you may claim your packets from 1pm to 6pm. (This is to avoid overcrowding.) Please bring your valid ID.

The organizers have guaranteed your preferred distance categories especially the 5k, 10k and the 21k distances. However, slots for the 42k distance have run out. Organizers will try their best to include all 42k runners whose names were submitted before Saturday’s deadline. A race packet for 21k will be given for those who will not be able to get their 42k packets.

About Noelle De Guzman

Noelle De Guzman is a freelance writer and recreational athlete with over 12 years of experience in fitness and endurance sport. She believes sport and an active healthy lifestyle changes lives.

31 thoughts on “Free Race Kits for the Quezon City International Marathon

  1. whew! muntik ng d mkasama gf k0… i went t0 the link just after it was p0sted in fb tp0s ika 95 agad, hndi lng tlga sa takb0hn mbbilis ang mga runners… gud j0b guys and c0ngrats!

  2. Kimpee, you did not submit a last name. But your address is on file.

    Everyone else, I believe RUNNEX will not be sending an email anymore. Instead, go to their office at the Bahay ng Alumni. The organizers have guaranteed that you will be given your kit.

    NOTE: is not liable for your race kits. Please address your concerns about the kits to RUNNEX.

  3. Sorry I wasn’t able to attend to your queries. I have been out of the house at work all day.

    No advisory from RUNNEX whether or not your kits will be available on race day. I just sent them an email and hopefully tonight I’ll get a reply.

    On your own initiative I think you could call the RUNNEX hotline at 435-5292.

    Again, distribution of race kits is not my responsibility, so I am not liable if you have not been able to claim your kit.

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