Tress Stress

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Some of you may have noticed I currently wear my hair long. It actually used to be a lot longer, but I had it cut so I could more easily manage it during my races and training sessions, especially now that I’ve also gotten into multisport. I want to keep wearing it long, though, because I love my hair. I don’t want to go short!

I’ve been experiencing a lot of hairfall lately. I’m not sure whether it’s because of stress, or from breakage for wearing a tight ponytail, especially in the damp conditions participating in sports entails. All I know is, my hair is crying for some care right now, and it all starts with shampoo.

I’m using a giant bottle of shampoo my mom gave me a long time ago, but now that it’s running low I ask myself is there another shampoo that can really take care of my hair? There are just so many brands out there, I don’t even know which one is best. There’s just so much marketing and advertising information on the internet for different shampoo brands. But I did come across this site,, which says there’s one shampoo 91% of women wanted to use again even without knowing what brand it was.

They’re being very mysterious about which brand it is, but the big reveal is on November 28. Meanwhile, there’s a poll running on the website about what your toughest hair problem is, and the top problem thus far seems to be hair fall. Well if this brand of shampoo can minimize hair fall for me, I’m totally in.

What brand do you think it is?

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