A Marathon for My Birthday

Ever since I started telling people I’m planning to run my first marathon this year, I’ve been getting suggestions which one to join. I was planning to build up slowly, to overprepare for it, which is why Joel and I had a deal to join our first marathon at the end of the year.

With apologies to Joel for breaking the deal, I allowed myself to be salestalked into training for my first marathon at the Milo Eliminations on July 4. In so doing, I’ve only given myself less than 16 weeks to prepare mentally and physically for it. Um, yikes?

To keep myself from chickening out, I’m announcing to the world what I intend to do, and the reasons for doing so.

KIKAYRUNNER’s Top 4 Reasons to Run the Milo Eliminations

  1. Milo is the fastest marathon in Metro Manila. According to i2Runner’s statistical analysis on Metro Manila’s fastest marathon, runners tended to have faster finish times at Milo. The hypothesis is the route is flatter and therefore easier on the legs, but it could also be because people were trying to qualify for the Milo Finals by beating the 4-hour qualifying time. In any case, I’d like to finish my first marathon in 4 hours and 30 minutes.
  2. Milo will have plenty of water. My fear of dehydration turns me off from races that have a recent history of water shortage. This includes the Subic International Marathon and the Quezon City International Marathon. Milo, organized by Rudy Biscocho of RACE, has always been one of the better-watered races.
  3. Milo is a cheap race. Last year, the registration fee was 250 pesos. Even if you allow for the general rise in fees charged at races, it will still be cheaper than the 800 pesos Condura charged for its 42K route.
  4. Milo will be held on my birthday. Yes, you heard that right. July 4 is my birthday. Therefore I’ve already requested my friends and family to have a party waiting for me at the finish line complete with poppers, balloons, and a birthday cake. Takbo.ph members will also be waving placards bearing my name. It’ll be one hell of a party (pun intended?).

So, here goes…

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About Noelle De Guzman

Noelle De Guzman is a freelance writer and recreational athlete with over 12 years of experience in wellness and endurance sport. She believes sport and an active healthy lifestyle changes lives.

21 thoughts on “A Marathon for My Birthday

  1. happy 4th of the july birthday in advance! good luck on preparing for your marathon. don't forget your energy gels and apply petroleum jelly liberally before the race. hehehe.

  2. Go go go Noelle 🙂 Now that would be an awesome bday gift. I hope Rudy B. is gone past the "Maynilad" water phase. Haha. 16 weeks is great, you should be able to build enough of a base and adjust your habits accordingly. 🙂 WOhooo!

  3. Oh wow, so many comments! :DThank you for wishing me well for my marathon, Gerard, Bea Notsquare, and Jet!Timmy Kenkoy, belat ang Mizuno sa akin. Lalaspagin ko muna yung NB 1225 ko!Drey, sayang di kita nahatak but that means I'll be able to coordinate a big marathon finish party for when you do your first one later this year. 😀Calvin, thanks for the advice! Is petroleum jelly better than BodyGlide? Are Honey Stingers better than Hammer gels?Truman Bryan and Sid, I will sing the birthday song in my head — hopefully the record companies don't charge me royalties!GBM Ultra Luis, sabi ni Joel medyo suicide yung 16 weeks ko. Hahaha.

  4. Hello Noelle!I've got one word for you: BELIEVEYou're right on schedule with the 16-week training program.Ray

  5. the best way to celebrate your birthday indeed! go go go =)me din I'm praying for this post-bday race. hopefully I can join it. none on august 28 exactly eh so the week after nalang =)

  6. the best birthday gift to once self is not a material item or a wild party but a gift of passion and acomplishment and the way to recieve this gift is to join a marathon. you have a few months to train which is perfect to be not only physically prepared but most of all mentally prepared. Go for it make your dreams come true. patrick concepcion /runningshield

  7. Ray and PatCon, thank you. I know I'll need the mental preparation and strength even more than the physical. 🙂Hotlegs Julie, I'll be there at your first marathon. May dance number sa finish! hehe

  8. Running your first marathon on your birthday? Awesome! All the hard work will be during your training so better start now and don't forget your long Sunday runs! See you at the Globe run!:-)

  9. Wow, "Kaya mo yan!" I guess your first marathon will be really special. In order to enjoy your first marathon, you need to respect the distance/race and train well for it, and most of all believe in yourself. Good luck! Ay, pa beerthday ka pala ha…

  10. Hi Noelle, I'm glad you accepted our suggestion. I am really hoping you will have a very memorable birthday on July 4. We hope to be part of your marathon journey and celebration. 🙂

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