A Week in the Life #7

Last week was the final one in my Nike Training Club “Lean Fit” plan, and I left it feeling quite transformed from the weakling that couldn’t quite get to 10 push-ups in a go. (Now I can, but I still have to do them on my knees.) It also gave me quite a different perspective on how much exercise one needs to get in shape.

I’ve spent years training about an hour or more each day, but in the past few weeks exercising four to five days a week for less than an hour a day, I’ve managed to make myself feel and look good. As the saying goes, there are many ways to skin a cat; so there are also many ways to control weight, many ways to shape the body, and many kinds of fitness to pursue. The time will come when I can regain my endurance and swim, bike, and run long again, but for now I am quite happy dabbling in all sorts of exercise. Continue reading “A Week in the Life #7”

Kikay Reviews: Vionic Footwear

Despite what my social media may display, I don’t spend all my days in active wear and athletic shoes. I do like to dress up when the occasion calls for it, and I have my fair share of heeled shoes to go with the dresses and pantsuits. However, that usually means grinning and bearing it through pinched toes, callused balls of the feet, and a sore lower back.

With the entry of Vionic footwear into the Philippines, though, I’ve found comfortable and stylish shoe choices that are orthopedist-approved — they’re good for your feet! Vionic has built-in orthotics in its footwear and inserts that help maintain the natural alignment of our feet and ankles while standing and walking. Continue reading “Kikay Reviews: Vionic Footwear”

Siargao International Marathon on July 23

With the rainy season here, surfing season is over and most of my friends who are into surfing have come home to roost. But this season brings welcome respite from tropical heat and humidity, which is why this is time of year organizers start scheduling marathons.

Siargao International Marathon on July 23, 2017
Siargao International Marathon on July 23, 2017

If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box running experience away from the madding crowd of Manila, the inaugural edition of the Siargao International Marathon on July 23, 2017 might be what you’re looking for. With half-marathon and marathon distances, this will be perfect for setting a new personal record or just taking in the sights with a picture-pace easy run. Siargao is known as the surfing capital of the Philippines with world-reknowned Cloud 9 just one of many surfing spots in the area, but aside from that it also has the tourist-favorite Sugba Lagoon, Silop Cave, the Mapawa tunnels, the Santa Monica Falls, and numerous snorkeling, scuba diving, and island-hopping opportunities.

The race takes place in the municipality of Del Carmen, whose coastal mangrove forest is the second largest in the country and home to 27 out of 70 mangrove species in the world. Vast tracts of these mangroves have been cut illegally to make charcoal, leading Del Carmen’s mayor Alfredo Matugas Coro to spearhead a mangrove rehabilitation program. The Siargao International Marathon will benefit this program: each race kit comes with a pledge of one seedling to be planted in the mangrove forest.

Registration is priced at P1,400 for the 21K and P1,800 for the 42K; race kit includes bib, official race singlet, and D-tag with shirts and medals awarded to those who finish. Siargao locals can also join a 5K race at P650.

Register online. Race kits can be claimed on July 21 and 22 at the arrival area of Del Carmen Airport, Siargao.

Direct flights from Manila to Del Carmen are available daily on Skyjet Airlines, a presenter of the Siargao International Marathon. You can also take connecting flights via Cebu.

For more information, follow the Runrio Facebook Page.

A Week in the Life #6

I’m truly happy my health seems to have taken a turn for the better. Isn’t that the point of trying to live a healthy active lifestyle: to improve quality of life?

Despite the radical number swings on my weighing scale, I have been consistently exercising and have avoided bingeing on junk food. Last week I even managed to coax my abs to peek out from behind the belly fat, which boosted my self-esteem even though I don’t walk around in cropped tops on a regular basis. I guess it’s true what they say: abs are made in the kitchen! Continue reading “A Week in the Life #6”

Plana FORMA Core Class

I’ve only gone to a Plana Forma class once before. I took a beginner class that introduced my body to the isometric movements and shapes of this workout that combines principles of yoga, ballet, and Pilates to sculpt and tone the body and make you stronger.

Four years later during this current lull in my running and tri training, I pounced on the opportunity to attend another class at the opening of the new Plana FORMA branch in Il Terrazzo on Tomas Morato Street in Quezon City.Β  Continue reading “Plana FORMA Core Class”

A Week in the Life #5

Did you get to watch Wonder Woman yet? Because if you haven’t, you are seriously missing out on one of the cultural touchstones of our time. The titular character of Wonder Woman brought to life onscreen has become inspiration for boys, girls, men, and women alike. The film has certainly fired up many people I know, in many different ways.

I won’t give away any spoilers and you’ll have to go to Rotten Tomatoes to get a real review, but Wonder Woman celebrated strength and empowerment without diminishing others and addressed societal ills without being preachy thanks to director Patty Jenkins and the marvelous cast led by Gal Gadot.

I think the biggest fitness take-away is how strong the Amazons were and how the scenes showing them in training and in battle portrayed them as real women with scars and wrinkles, not as objectified bombshells who were exercising only for how it makes their bodies look. The women cast as Amazons were not just fitness models, but also athletes.

From Entertainment Weekly:

From an Olympic bobsledder and a heptathlete to a police officer and the former Miss Greece, these real-life Amazons hailed from around the world and helped populate Diana’s home of Themyscira. Some of the Amazons, like Kroes, auditioned, while the filmmakers plucked others from the athletic world β€” Brooke Ence, an American Crossfit champion, and Madeleine Vall Beijner, a Swedish professional fighter, among them.

Continue reading “A Week in the Life #5”

Win a BDJ Box Elite!

I very rarely talk about beauty products on this blog because, honestly, my reading audience seems to skew male. BUT! I do like taking care of myself. Outdoor sports take a toll on skin, and while I enjoy a tan I also don’t want to age prematurely. I also love make-up, which helps me transform from sporty and casual to professional and put-together.

My good friends at Belle de Jour sent me a BDJ Box a few weeks ago and I got my first taste of the wonders of a curated box of beauty goodies. The BDJ Box subscription allows you to discover and sample products and brands at a fraction of the price they normally retail at. (Keep reading to find out how to win a BDJ Box for yourself or your loved one!)

BDJ Box Elite

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