Eventful Saturday, Part 1: TRIpalooza

TRIpalooza Sept 29-30: Venice Piazza

It’s officially my triathlon off-season so I’m supposed to take this time to focus on things I need work on, like my swim stroke. However, it’s also during the off-season when multisport shops put their merchandise on sale. But it’s a hassle driving up and down the metro trying to find the best deals. What’s a triathlete (with a payday check in hand) to do?

Well, what if I told you just for this weekend (September 29 to 30) all those great stores got together in one venue offering their most enticing deals? That’s what’s happening at TRIpalooza at Venice Piazza in McKinley Hill, Taguig. Despite it being a warm and humid day, I went over there to see what goodies I could snatch up.

TRIpalooza Sept 29-30: Venice Piazza

I’m here for the show!

I couldn’t stay for the afternoon’s activities, among them a talk on Running 101 by coach Ani de Leon-Brown. But I was able to do a lot of browsing.

TRIpalooza Sept 29-30: SBR.ph booth

the SWIMBIKERUN.ph booth

TRIpalooza Sept 29-30: PRIMER booth

active lifestyle and hydration brands

TRIpalooza Sept 29-30: Light'N Up booth

Here, goggy goggy goggy!

TRIpalooza Sept 29-30: Fitness and Athletics booth

Ooh! Foam rollers!

TRIpalooza Sept 29-30: Tri Swim (Sports Asia booth)

Crispy hair and chlorine-scented skin, begone!

TRIpalooza Sept 29-30: Foggle (Sports Asia booth)

fogging is a swimmer’s bane

TRIpalooza Sept 29-30: Bikes Galore
TRIpalooza Sept 29-30: Le Tour de France!

TRIpalooza Sept 29-30: Ceepo
TRIpalooza Sept 29-30: Push-Button Shifters

TRIpalooza Sept 29-30: Scott Testing Area
TRIpalooza Sept 29-30: Specialized (Dan's Bike Shop booth)

TRIpalooza Sept 29-30: Scott (The Brick booth)
TRIpalooza Sept 29-30: A Roller-less Trainer

bike! bike! bike!

I found something I can definitely use for what I need to work on in the off-season. I hope other triathletes find what they need there, too. TRIpalooza’s last day is tomorrow, so you can still drop by!

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