Ask Kikay Runner: Running Playlist

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I mentioned in my Yurbuds review that I haven’t run with music in two years. Now that I’m about to do that again for specific workouts (track/speed), I realize that my old playlist needs refreshing.

Benedict asks:

I just read your review of yurbuds and you mentioned something about filling an mp3 player with your favorite running songs, so I would just like to ask what songs would you say is a must have in any running playlist? I’m looking to expand my playlist since it’s only good for 10k runs and that’s already with some songs repeated. Thanks!

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I’m Back!

If you’ve been trying to access for the past few days and have been getting nothing but a blank page or an error, I’m sorry. My hosting provider decided to do a little housekeeping, and my blog was affected. I moved my blog to a new hosting provider, which hopefully will be better.

I’m praying that no more service interruptions will occur because I’ve been itching to write! Check back here later this week for a new Ask Kikay Runner and my shoe review for the Mizuno Wave Mercury Aura. Ü

Summer at Sea

ANG INIT! is the refrain you hear from most runners lately. Even with the recent spate of rainy weather, there’s just no respite from the heat.

In my daydreams, I’m usually at the beach sunbathing or floating on a surfboard. (I love being ON the water, but not IN it. Something I need to work on as a triathlete…) My breaks away from running involve the water and I’ve been blessed to continue to indulge my fantasies about being a surfer girl. Last week I was invited to Aloha Boardsports Surf Bound: Bali press launch. Want to escape to Bali this year? Every purchase worth P2,500 at Aloha Boardsports stores entitles you to a raffle ticket. The grand prize is a three-day paid trip to Bali for two. Read more about this on my other blog.

surf-bound to Bali!
I’m surf-bound to Bali!

The Next Step Tri Camp

There are seven weeks to go until the Subic Bay International Triathlon, where I’ve chosen to make my standard/Olympic distance debut (*gulp*). After a year in triathlon doing the short distances (minisprints and sprints), it’s time to level up. To use a running analogy, after 3K’s and 5K’s it’s time to do a 10K.

Tangent: yup, the Olympic distance is the triathlete’s 10K. If the full Ironman distance (4K swim, 180K bike, 42K run) is the pinnacle of triathlon achievement just like a marathon is for running, then the Ironman 70.3 (2K swim, 90K bike, 21K run) is the 21K. The Olympic distance is half that of a 70.3. Coincidentally, those are also the distances in their respective run legs.

I’ve had an extremely long tri off-season, though. After recovering from my elbow dislocation in July 2011, I just didn’t feel compelled to continue training as I did in the first half of that year. When I went into The Next Step Tri Camp 1 (Getting Started) last February 25-26, 2012, I hadn’t gotten on my bike in three months. I was also scheduled to attend Camp 2 (Sprint/Standard Weekend) two weeks later on March 10-11.

Next Step Tri Camp: cycling suits!

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Getting My Feet Wet at the Ateneo Aquathlon 2012

I was supposed to do the Ateneo Aquathlon last year and had already registered for it when it was rescheduled, conflicting with another race I was attending. So this year I pounced on the opportunity to do it.

Most runners entering the world of multisport try a two-discipline event first, such as a duathlon (bike and run) or aquathlon (swim and run). My experience was otherwise because I went into the full three-discipline event, the Speedo NAGT Ayala Alabang in 2010. I rely heavily on fast bike and run splits, so I was curious how I would match up to the rest of the field if one of my strengths were taken from me.

So on 4 March 2012, I found out.

Ateneo Aquathlon 2012: Pre-Race
Why do I look like I’m scheming here?

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Kikay Runner X Safe Tees "I RUN LIKE A GIRL"
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Kikay Runner X Safe Tees "I RUN LIKE A MAMAW"
Kikay Runner X Safe Tees "I RUN LIKE A MAMAW"

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Safe Tees

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Yurbuds: Your Buddy for Your Ears

When was the last time I ran with music in my ears?

Unilab Run United: Sprinting for It
Kikay Runner’s 2010 Look

It’s been a really long time — in fact, that photo must have been the last time I ran with earphones because the week after that, I started training for my first marathon and wanted to accustom myself to having no mp3 player.

Another reason I haven’t run with music: most earphones just don’t stay in! The earphones I’m wearing in the photo above kept falling out despite their over-ear hook. So when Gianina Dayrit from Cascos Inc. offered to send me an earphone product guaranteed not to fall out, I was immediately intrigued.

Kikay Runner with Yurbuds
photo by Gianina Dayrit

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