Selsun Blue Upside Down Class Pass Starts Today

I’ve written about Selsun Blue before: about how its formulation (with the signature selenium sulfide) helped me resolve an itchy scalp due to constant chlorine and sweat exposure. But the connection between this brand and the health and fitness ecosystem was made even more clear with Selsun Blue’s launch of the Upside Down Class Pass, a series of lessons from experts on health and fitness that aims to promote wellness and enable people to build confidence.

Getting involved in my fitness journey contributed a lot to building confidence in myself, knowing I was capable of running a marathon and get healthy. Selsun Blue seeks to make a connection between its confidence-boosting ability (due to eliminating dandruff) and the ability of exercise to do the same.

The Selsun Blue Class Pass is a three-episode series featuring NCCA Ani ng Dangal awardee, pole dancing champion and certified diet and nutrition coach Jamaica Jornacion; professional makeup artist, athlete, and certified fitness coach Jigs Mayuga; certified fitness coach and The Movement Studio owner Ida Paras and six-time UAAP Cheerdance Competition champion, National University pep squad coach and gymnast Ghicka Bernabe.

  • Episode 1 on September 1 is “Confidence 101” with Jamaica Jornacion, CEO of Beast House Pole and Aerial Dance Studio. She will teach us a fitness workout as an introduction to a fun new confidence building activity that people can explore – pole and aerial dance.
  • Episode 2 on September 15 is “Get Confidence on Fleek” with Jigs Mayuga and Ida Paras in a special collaboration that focuses on the CrossFit workout for beginners. CrossFit is a strength and conditioning workout where squats and other normal day-to-day actions are performed at a high intensity level. They will coach us through a regimen that may help us out of a bad day.
  • Episode 3 on September 29 is entitled “Pro-fidence!” with Ghicka Bernabe, who has steered the National University Pep Squad to six UAAP Cheerdance Competition Championships. Bernabe will share an exciting exercise routine that includes the basics of cheerleading.

Every episode will feature a board-certified dermatologist to share insights on how to deal with dandruff. Also present will be a mental health counselor who will talk about confidence and its nuances. With the Selsun Blue Upside Down Class Pass, the viewers will experience a holistic session for confidence building.

Check out all the episodes on Selsun Blue’s Facebook page ABSOLUTELY FREE, starting at 6pm tonight when Episode 1 goes live.

Selsun Blue is a line of Effective Dandruff Control Shampoos formulated with Selenium Sulfide 1% and enhanced with French Honey Extract, which provides superior moisturization for soft and manageable hair and scalp hydration. Selsun Blue is available in two variants: Selsun Blue Pro-X with menthol to soothe itchy scalp and minimize discomfort, and Selsun Blue PRO 2-in-1 shampoo with conditioner.

Get Selsun Blue from Watsons, Mercury Drug Stores, Shopee and Lazada. Selsun Blue will also be available on Zalora in September.

About Noelle De Guzman

Noelle De Guzman is a freelance writer and recreational athlete with over 12 years of experience in fitness and endurance sport. She believes sport and an active healthy lifestyle changes lives.

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