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Subscription boxes seem to be the new “in” thing these days, from beauty and make-up products to food! Last month I received a Raw Bites Box for review and since I am definitely trying to eat more healthy foods, this was a great way to discover some new products and tastes.

Raw Bites Box is the first healthy snack subscription box in the Philippines, and they only send you products that meet two or more of their #rawvolution rules:

  • gluten-free;
  • organic;
  • natural sugars;
  • vegan; or
  • no preservatives

All the snacks are sourced from all over the world and contain only natural sugars, no preservatives, and no artificial flavor. Raw Bites offers two kinds of subscriptions: the regular subscription entitles you to up to 10 products monthly, while the premium subscription gives you up to 15 products monthly. The premium box contains all the items found in the regular box plus a few extras, and every month both kinds of boxes will have products available on a trial basis. You can pay per month, per three months, or per year — obviously the more long-term options entitle you to bigger discounts.

I received a regular box, which was already overwhelming with the variety of snacks to try out. I’m not big on snacks so I’ve gone through this box very slowly. Check out the photos and description below:

Raw Bites Box

The Giving Tree vacuum-fried broccoli florets: reminiscent of vacuum-dried vegetables my family used to buy from Tobi’s House of Nuts. So, so good — and a viable alternative to potato chips!

Raw Bites Box

Rebel Kitchen coconut milk drink with cacao: chocolate and coconut?! I thought this would be a disaster, thinking back to the time a friend mistakenly mixed buko juice into their Milo drink. Surprisingly, this chocolate coconut milk drink was chocolatey with the coconut only coming out as an aftertaste. Consistency-wise it was like Milo and water mixed together. It was refreshing and different.

Raw Bites Box

Lizi’s granola: I regularly eat granola in yogurt, so I went through this pack quite quickly.

Raw Bites Box

Raw Bites Box

On the Go trail mix: I frequently mixed this in with my granola and yogurt to add sweetness to the mixture. I love nuts and dried fruit!

That’s only halfway through the box. I still have a few more products to go through, and the only reason I haven’t eaten them yet is because I keep forgetting to put them into my gym bag for the after-workout hunger pangs. Here’s what I have yet to try:

Raw Bites Box

Doisy & Dam maca, vanilla and cacao nibs: think of this as a substitute to candy bars. Look! 74% dark chocolate. *heart eyes emoji*

Raw Bites Box

At One coconut goji raw paleo bar: with all the naturally-sweet fruits in this bar I expect this will sate the sweet tooth — and because it’s paleo it’s got a lot of protein which makes it a good post-workout recovery food.

Raw Bites Box

Inspiral smokin’ coconut pecks: air-dried raw coconut chips. I love coconut so I think I will love this.

Raw Bites Box

Roo’biotic energy ball in chocolate chip matcha: this one is raw, organic, vegan, gluten-free, and high-fiber. While it’s not recommended as an energy food for endurance sports (high-fiber equals toilet stop!), this looks like a good snack to eat before your workout especially if you’re feeling a little hungry.

Raw Bites Box

Beond organic acai berry bar: sounds delish!

If you wind up loving any of these items, you can pick a few extra up at the website under “Grocery Items“. A Raw Bites gift card is also a great gift for that health-conscious friend you have a tough time shopping for.

Most of these items are imports so they tend to be on the pricey side if bought by themselves, so the subscription is a good deal if you end up wanting to indulge in the variety of these particular snacks every month. Each box also comes with a collection of vouchers from partner establishments like gyms and apparel and footwear stores, adding even more value.

What the Raw Bites box comes down to is an opportunity to try new healthy things and develop a taste for them. If you’ve got the cash to spare, it’s an interesting gastronomic adventure.

Visit the Raw Bites website for more information about the brands and to see past box contents. Follow Raw Bites Box on Facebook and @rawbitesbox on Instagram for updates on latest promos and tips for a healthy lifestyle.

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