King of the Road 2009

The Dreaded DNS (Did Not Start)

It sucks when you DNF (Did Not Finish) in a race, and reasons are usually physical. But reasons for DNS (Did Not Start) are more varied.

I asked “Have you ever not made it to a race you registered for? What are your causes of DNS (Did Not Start)?” on my Facebook Page, and here are some of the responses.

King of the Road 2009

I’d rather be late than DNS!

Did Not Sleep. – Adriel Dela Cruz Pagarigan

Enough said!

Found out that same week that I was pregnant! Run United 2011 – Mary Elizabeth Ng Guce

Aww this is so sweet!

The organizer moved the race day to another day. It happened to me twice and worse in one of them I was in the starting line early only to find out that that the race day was moved to the following week. – Art Villasenor


Run united, biglang pinag night shift on the day before ng run. – Vinz Daria

Pahamak talaga ang trabaho sa takbo. =)

“I’ll just rest my eyes for a bit…” Patay.
This is why triathletes drink AFTER races.

#bowelproblems #tmi

Losing someone is never easy. But what a great way to honor him. =)

As runners we set our alarm clocks and expect to rise early and be at a race’s starting line. It becomes like clockwork. When we DNS, we’re reminded to be adaptable, and that life is more than just training schedules and miles logged and races finished. DNS happens. So we pause for a bit, acknowledge that life is bigger than just ourselves or any one thing (like running) that we might be focused on. Then we lace up our shoes and start again.

How about you? What’s your DNS story?

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6 thoughts on “The Dreaded DNS (Did Not Start)

  1. Thank you kikayrunner. The whole time that i was running that day i was praying and talking to my dad. I think that was my first 15km run. Just 1 yr into running then. Dad was w/ me..

  2. Cool! I just saw this now! I’m the one who found out she was pregnant. Thanks for including my response. My OB actually said it should be okay to run since it was just a 10km run (which my body was used to so shouldn’t be a big deal) but of course the paranoid husband thought otherwise :p Better safe than sorry, I guess.

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