So You Want to Be a Pinoy IRONMAN

Yesterday, the Philippine triathlon community got the confirmation to all the rumors that have been circulating (founded and unfounded): yes, a branded IRONMAN race would finally be held in this IRONMAN-crazy country. In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the first IRONMAN 70.3 race ever held here, the Century Tuna IRONMAN Philippines will be held in Subic Bay on June 3, 2018.

While registration is yet to open — it’s scheduled for August 1, or Ironman 70.3 Philippines weekend — my Facebook feed was abuzz with people already planning to take on a full IRONMAN for the very first time in the country. Others may have already become an Ironman in other countries, but this race is special, they say. Continue reading “So You Want to Be a Pinoy IRONMAN”

Road to HCMC, Week 4: Hitting Marks

It’s only two weeks until the Ho Chi Minh City Run and I’m going to have to cram and wing it, no thanks to being sick and weak for most of December.

Here’s the funny thing. Ever felt weak and then after you finish a training session feel on top of the world? I’ve been avoiding the tough sessions because I was afraid they’d make me feel awful, but since it’s the new year I decided just to go for it. Continue reading “Road to HCMC, Week 4: Hitting Marks”

Road to HCMC, Week 2: Christmas Rush

The thing with signing up for a race that takes place early in the year is you always end up training over Christmas time. That isn’t such a bad thing because you can hold off some of the expected weight gain. However, the heavy holiday traffic can make the logistics of getting to your training venues more difficult.

Thankfully, I’m not training for a triathlon, so no need to hie off to Nuvali for long rides. Running is significantly easier to manage, especially when you’ve got access to a treadmill. Still there is nothing like the sheer joy of running on the open road and it makes the required mileage pass a little quicker in your mind because the scenery changes.

Last week I got out onto my regular stomping grounds for what seems like the first time in ages. The BGC Greenway has been open for a while, but this was the first time I had ever set foot in it.Β  Continue reading “Road to HCMC, Week 2: Christmas Rush”

Road to HCMC, Week 1: Inspiration

It’s been eight years since I ran my first race, and seven years since I ran my first half-marathon on the way to my first marathon. These days I feel like I’m running for the first time, at paces I used to laugh at. But everyone’s got to start somewhere. It’s time to pick up the pace, go a little longer and harder, and get this body ready for another big adventure. Continue reading “Road to HCMC, Week 1: Inspiration”

Nike Training Club

My weeks running with Nike Run Club and the NRC app set me up for a great holiday season of fitness as I start to ramp up training for my Ho Chi Minh 21K run. What I haven’t talked about as much are the sessions I have been doing with the sister app, Nike Training Club.

Nike Training Club is all about full-body functional fitness, and it’s great crosstraining for endurance athletes like me who tend to train only the forward motion using mostly legs.

While I have been using the NTC app since the start of the year, NTC live sessions with an actual coach are something different. Last Friday, I joined a Nike Training Club live session at Kerry Sports in Shangri-La The Fort.

Nike Training Club

Continue reading “Nike Training Club”

Holiday Fitness, Week 6: Looking Forward

Now that I’m sure my health and fitness has a firm foundation, it’s time to look at how I intend to train for my first race of next year in Ho Chi Minh City. I managed to run outdoors for more than an hour last week and wasn’t smashed by the end of it, which bodes well for putting on the mileage and time on my feet.

I don’t get to run in the early mornings lately due to the babysitting schedule we’ve worked out in our household — I watch my toddler nephew when his parents go off to work until my parents get back from their morning gym session. This means I only get to do my workouts around midday or after. I’m thankful I have treadmill access at the gym and use a bike trainer to complete most of my cycling sessions, but there’s something awesome about running or cycling outdoors at the break of dawn. The pictures are better, too *wink* Continue reading “Holiday Fitness, Week 6: Looking Forward”

Nike Run Club Open House

Last Saturday, Nike Run Club held an Open House event where runners could discover what NRC is about and what it can do for their running. Sessions were held in the morning and afternoon led by the Nike Run Club pacers as well as coaches Ian Banzon, Ico Ejercito, and Rio de la Cruz.

NRC Open House

I dropped by in the afternoon because I’d missed the Thursday session due to my Singapore trip. I didn’t realize Bonifacio Global City, and Bonifacio High Street in particular, was a hive of activity on Saturdays! Thankfully the NRC tent was where it usually is, in front of the Nike Park store. Continue reading “Nike Run Club Open House”