Angkor Wat International Half Marathon

Now that I’ve finished recovering from the race, edited my vlog, and uploaded my photos, I can finally come here to write this one sentence:

The Angkor Wat International Half Marathon is an epic destination race you should do.

Destination races, for me, serve two purposes. The first purpose is as an obvious excuse to go travel. The second purpose is to discover a place on foot. I’m so happy I was able to bookend my year with two half marathons, and end the year with one as special as the Angkor Wat International Half Marathon. Here’s my travel vlog about the race and the trip. Continue reading “Angkor Wat International Half Marathon”

How to Plan a Destination Race

There is certainly no shortage of races locally these days, but racing on the same roads I normally train on can get quite dull after a while. That’s why I’m doing a destination race or two this year — the Phuket Marathon on June 5, and Challenge Vietnam on September 11.

There’s an element of adventure when racing away from home. New athletes may choose a destination race as their first taste of the sport to help motivate themselves to train, while more experienced athletes may be looking for a different challenge or have dreamt of finishing a race that’s on their bucket list. (My ultimate bucket list marathon is the New York City Marathon, but I’ll save that for next year…)


Going to a destination race is different from racing locally. You can’t just drive from home to the venue on race morning, for one thing. A lot of thought should go into not only the logistics of how to get there and where to stay and eat, but also how to prepare yourself properly to race on unfamiliar soil.

Here’s how to plan your destination race. Continue reading “How to Plan a Destination Race”