adidas PureBOOST Go Shoe Review (PureBOOST vs. UltraBOOST)

The first adidas shoe I ever reviewed was a PureBOOST X two years ago, and it’s been quite a ride with adidas since as I’ve been able to use their UltraBOOST X (regular and high-cut variants) as well as the new SolarBOOST. When adidas announced the launch of the PureBOOST Go in August, my interest was quite piqued because it was pitched as a lightweight shoe that could handle quick directional changes. So when they gave me a pair to use, I went all out on it for the next two months. Watch my vlog review below:

While I know the BOOST and the BOOST X lines are bound to feel different due to the X’s use of the adaptive arch, I wanted to do a comparison of the difference in the shoe construction between UltraBOOST and PureBOOST. The main differences are:

  • one-piece PrimeKnit vs. multi-piece Circular Knit
  • sock-like ankle collar vs. more traditional ankle collar
  • no tongue vs. traditional tongue
  • Torsion System vs. no Torsion System
  • Continental Stretchweb outsole vs. regular Stretchweb outsole

The adidas PureBOOST Go is incredibly light on the feet but gave me enough cushioning and support on short runs on the road and treadmill. It was also a low enough and wide enough shoe to make crosstraining with lateral movements comfortable. Lastly, it’s a shoe that I could wear all day, with its breathable upper and comfortable fit.

Unless you’re only planning on using it indoors, I would recommend you go for the black or peach colorways of the PureBOOST Go. My white ones were mostly used indoors but still sustained some dirt and dust staining on surfaces that made contact with my hands or the floor. And because it’s marketed as the running shoe you could take on your travels, it’s logical that you should go with the colorway that needs the least maintenance.

If you’re just looking for an all-rounder adidas running shoe with a full BOOST midsole, stylish look, and ability to handle short city running as well as crosstraining, go for the PureBOOST Go. If you’re looking for long-distance performance, save up for the UltraBOOST.

The adidas PureBOOST Go retails for P6,000 at or in store.

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