Color Manila Nite Run Wrap-Up

Color Manila Nite Run

I hope you all had fun at last Saturday’s Color Manila Nite Run. I wasn’t able to race the 5K category anymore after I led the 10K warm-up with my co-instructors from 360 Fitness — there were so many people queued up to start, and I still needed to change into my running gear… I decided to join the afterparty only, since this race was just a big excuse for BGC to throw a street festival during their Passion Fest.

Color Manila Nite Run

with co-instructors Gelli Victor and Jen Antonio

(Just a side note: BGC will probably never allow another night run due to the growing residential and commercial activity in the area. So, this was the last one!)

Unlike the Color Manila Run where the main draw was the colored powder thrown on participants during and after the race, the Color Manila Nite Run was a festival of light: glow bracelets (which I received as part of my race kit), shirts w/ glow-in-the-dark print, black lights, and fireworks!

Color Manila Nite Run

with race hosts Jekoy Valle and radio DJ Chloe

Color Manila Nite Run


If I recall correctly, Proactive did try to formulate colored water that would glow in black light, but this wasn’t used during the race. Now, safety concerns from organizer and venue provider can change whatever it is that’s been planned, even on race day itself (this applies to all races) — routes, placement of water stations, activity area setup, etc. I’m guessing the amount of liquid that would be used would have made the roads too slick and slippery to be run, and that’s why they nixed it.

Color Manila Nite Run

Color Manila Nite Run

time to party!

Anyway I thoroughly enjoyed the music and atmosphere of the post-race party. DJs Mark Nicosia and Mia Ayesa spun some pop house, to which the youthful crowd jumped and danced. Several times the hosts threw out shirts and other giveaways to the crowd in front of the stage. They also held Harlem Shake and Gangnam Style dance-offs, which although cheesy were great fun (Harlem Shake was my idea, by the way.)

Color Manila Nite Run

Baby you’re a firework… or two or three.

There were so many first-time runners at this race. Here’s to more races for you guys. Keep running!

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5 thoughts on “Color Manila Nite Run Wrap-Up

  1. I find it odd that all of the “Harlem Shaking” going on is not representative at all of the actual Harlem Shake move. What we see now is akin to an inflatable giraffe getting punched in the head and rocking back and forth. Thoughts?

    1. The video meme is just a bunch of kids having fun to an instrumental track that sampled the words “do the Harlem Shake”, and that’s how it got its name. The Harlem Shake video meme is different from the Harlem Shake dance move (

      I find that with video memes and most other shallow stuff you find on the Internet, you really shouldn’t try to deconstruct unless you want to give yourself a headache. :D

    1. You’ve made a false dichotomy. I know what you mean, but I’m not sugar-coating anything. I’m relating what I experienced, and since I didn’t race I really can’t comment on whatever happened on the race route. I really did enjoy myself at the event.

      With regard to the glow liquid, which wasn’t even promised in the original press release, I only addressed it here because I saw the complaints on the Facebook page. I certainly never mentioned the glow liquid in my original post about the race because I knew they were still trying to make it work. If you have any complaints you can address them to the organizers. I’m waiting for their reply to my questions too.

  2. I super enjoyed this race my first race.. Though we dont have timing chip nabantayan ko pa rin ung running time at pacing ko because of the apps i download on my phone.. Im glad that im part of maybe the last nite run in BGC.. Grabe yung mga driver they’re keep on blowing their horn and due to excitement lahat ng runners sumisigaw na lang para mang asar na lang hehehe.. Im not satisfied sa work ng organizers kase yung glowing sun glasses at glowing sticks namen hindi naibigay nung nagparegister kame sa runnr store s alabang.. This is our first out of Laguna race and hope it will not the last..

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